The Itsy Bitsy Spider Man!

Posted on August 2, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

You may recall last week’s blog that Jack was taking a little vacation from the house construction. It didn’t turn out to be all that relaxing.  Besides chilly sweatshirt weather of 40-50 in Wisconsin (which actually sounds good those of sweltering in the 80-90 range), he also burned his hand against his airplane manifold while checking his oil.  One buddy ruined his propellor and it just left two pilots traveling together. But nothing tops the fact that he thought he had a broken toe but it turned out that along the way on the trip, he was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  He had to leave the plane and come home by a commercial airliner.  The doctor here gave him a shot in the behind then prescribed two powerful antibiotics; one used to treat leprosy!

We have not broadly shared the photos since it is so gross but if you choose to look at what such a spider bite looks like, you can Google Brown Recluse bites or you can click here at your own risk and see Jack’s healing toe.  Also read up about brown recluse habitats and be sure you are not harvesting a place they may live.

He was able to keep moving on the house in flip flops or crocs.  He is still working on plumbing and Steve is working outside on putting the trusses up for the porch.


Working in flip flops!

Working in flip flops!

Porch trusses

Porch trusses

We enjoyed Destiny who came for a short visit and my friend Stephanie and her daughter Lexie who spent some time with us!

At Mill Mountain Zoo

At Mill Mountain Zoo


I am currently getting drywall quotes as well as deciding on a trim carpenter.
Cundiff  Heating and Air Conditioning has been busy installing the HVAC system which includes bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans and the dryer vent!  We’re getting closer.

In the meantime, Spiderman lives!







Sheridan on August 2, 2013

Jack joins superhero statuses his Wonder Woman wife stands beside him. Brave people!

Marion Wetcher on August 3, 2013

Well......this little story (or tale of woe)as I see it has a moral ..... Mr. Jack shouldn't leave his job (and his wife) any time because he obviously just can't stay out of trouble when he's by himself!!!! Hope all is going better for you guys! See you soon! :)

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