People are Funny

Posted on March 29, 2024 by Bedfordlandings

As innkeepers you can imagine that we have all sorts of great people visit and some who just don’t understand what a Bed & Breakfast is.  When people refer to us as an Air B & B, we stop and assure them that we are a REAL B & B.  In a real B & B, you meet the owners, who serve as hosts, concierges, chefs, housekeepers, maintenance staff, and psychologists! 

We don’t have many rules.  Mainly, they are; no glass in the hot tub (use plastic glasses) and don’t mess with the hot tub temperature. We conduct a little guest orientation upon arrival and tell them that they may go anywhere in the house except our room or the kitchen.  That’s about it!

Here are a few fun guest examples:

Breakfast plate

By and large (I mean 98.5% of the time) we love our guests!  We want them to come back too!

Don’t feel you need to be added to the “unusual story” list as you ponder making a reservation but feel free to share your stories when you do come! And visit Doolittle!

Boy and dog

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