You are my Sunshine!

Posted on April 12, 2024 by Bedfordlandings

We decided to take in the 2024 solar eclipse in Wapakoneta, Ohio.  We made the reservations in December, know there would be a mad rush for the “band of totality.” It was a short 2-hour flight from Smith Mountain Lake. We were the third plane to arrive and the gas attendant filled our tank right away, knowing that he had the day ahead of him filling tanks.  Once we landed, we set up “camp” beside the airplane.  We had a rental car, but the excitement was imminent, so rather than checking into our overnight stay, we remained in place awaiting eclipse start time of 1:54 pm. 

Airplane and sun chairs

Over the loud speaker, a disc jockey was asking solar system trivia questions and playing music with the SUN in them such as “Here come the Sun” and “Walking on Sunshine.” I never heard my all-time favorite, “You are My Sunshine!”

At least eight people stopped to admire Jack’s airplane and ask where we were from.  One little woman approached us and asked where we flew in from.  She said she just lived across the street and wanted to take our picture. Awww. We smiled!

It was a festive atmosphere and clear skies.  The jet trails were evident but so was the warmth of the sunshine!  Dressing in layers, we began peeling them off as the temperature rose.  I was so glad we didn’t have to stand in the food truck line since we had taken sandwiches and bottled water.

At 1:54 the slightest curve of the moon moved over the path of the sun. 

Beginning of the eclipse

Little by little, the sun became covered.  I took a picture of my watch at 3:00. 


I don’t know why but the day just seemed eventful!  Using my solar filter over my camera lens, I snapped picture after picture, some blurry and some un-centered. At 3:09, the DJ started playing the theme song from “2001 a Space Odyssey.” It was perfect for the occasion.  Later he told me his wife made him promise not to play “It’s the End of the word as we know it!”

At totality, the temperature became cool and the shared experience of everyone at the airport was created.  We were one community sharing a Godly phenomenon. 

Eclipse at totality

In the darkness, I wrapped a small blanket around my shoulders and enjoyed what looked like a brief sunset. Even the security lights on the airport were triggered by the darkness. In this three-minute lapse, we saw some stars and Venus!  I am telling you, I will never feel the power of the earth, the moon, and the sun in concert with humanity ever again!

Eclipse sunset

You are my Sunshine!

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