It’s Pollen Season!

Posted on April 10, 2024 by Bedfordlandings

During pollen season in Virginia, you may hear sneezes, coughing, sniffing, and grouchy complaints about itchy watery eyes and yellow pollen.  It makes one dread this beautiful  season…but Ahhh–choo!

What are you allergic to?  I am not even sure I know what bothers me, but I know if I am outside for too long doing spring planting, blowing pollen, or even a little touch up paint, I have to come inside after a bit.  My throat feels parched, and my eyes feel full – not sure of what but that’s my sensation!

According to Yale Medicine, in March and April it is the tree pollen and in June it is the grass pollen.  In the Fall it is ragweed, and in the winter, mold! They recommend wearing a hat outdoors and changing clothes and washing your hair to avoid pollen on your pillow!  As simple as it sounds, I had never thought about this.  But it may apply to the dog too! 

Some people swear by a humidifier, nasal sprays, steam and essential oils.  Adding Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, and Sandalwood to a steam shower or neti-pot may help.   Ginger tea is said to help alleviate inflamed bronchial passages.

Essential oils

As much as I hate not opening the windows during the cool spring nights, I know it can lead to poor results. Replacing your ventilation system filters before and after the season is a consideration!

What about the Yellow Pollen?

Yellow pollen on glass table

The first time I saw the thick yellow pollen, it was tax season so I know that about mid April, the yellow powder becomes prolific! When I first experienced it, it looked as if a bomb had dropped.  Come to find out, the pine trees were mating (of sorts).  The best thing about pine pollen is that is is much larger (in size) than other tree pollen so that it cannot get up into the nasal passages as easily as smaller pollens. Blowing with the blower creates a huge cloud and after a rain, the pavement is just floating yellow dust!

So for the season, wait it out!  Wash the dog, change your clothes often and enjoy a nice lavender steam bath!  Carry on!

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