Clara Isn’t Three Anymore!

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Shout-outs to long-time friend, Susan and her sister’s family- Jennifer & Brice and daughters, Carter (age 11 or 12) and Clara (about age 3) who visited SML this week! They came over Monday night for burgers on the grill. Susan texted me to ask what they could contribute for dinner.  Being the ever-vigilant “child-involvement mama,” I recalled Carter would be capable of making a simple dessert to bring.  I texted Susan to  suggest Carter make a dessert.  Carter brought a lovely berry cobbler but Mama Jenn indicated that Clara did help with it!  Then the lovely EIGHT-Year old, Clara asked why I just wanted Carter to bring the dessert; to which I responded, “because I thought you were still three years old!”

My point?  Kids are great #1– but also they grow and change.  We all do and so does our building project! Often the results are not as visible from the outside, but, inside, Jack has moved on to wiring!  Yea! I will comment on plumbing once it is inspected.

Here are a few examples of this week’s changes:

Example 1. 
This space someday will be the kitchen counter instead of a 2×4 catch-all shelf for tools.

Kitchen countertop to be.

Kitchen countertop to be.

This next photo was taken just a few months ago of the kitchen area…



and here it is today, a wiring masterpiece in progress!

Wiring completed for center island, laundry room and appliances.

Wiring completed for center island, laundry room and appliances.


All of the wiring has to travel down to the circuit breaker boxes.

Starting to fill up two panel boxes!

Starting to fill up two boxes!

Indeed the siders (not spiders!) started today.  They have gotten almost a whole end wall done and have started trimming the exterior of the windows.  Maybe next week, there will be more to show.  This is the basic color.  But there will be a surprise accent color!


We have had our share of visitors again this week.  We met neighbor, Joy and neighbors WC and DeeDee. But Clif lent a hand pulling wire!  Thanks so much to our singing buddy!

Wiring in the study.

Wiring in the study.

Last Sunday, I spent the whole day weeding the little median between ours and our neighbor’s house and planted a little garden.  It’s a lovely view from the hangar porch of the Lil Garden!  That’s mom’s Little Boy Blue watering the redbud!

There are 2 redbuds, a hawthorne, mums, and some various ground cover that I hope will spread!

And speaking of  changes, I saw Mom this week. She continues to change!  She was cold, so I took the opportunity to cuddle with her.

There may not be many more times to cuddle!  So grab the moments while you can.

There may not be many more times to cuddle! So grab the moments while you can.

So…Clara’s not three anymore, Mom’s not brilliant and efficient any more, the house is ever changing, and life goes on!

Ciao, bella amici!


Jack Phillips on August 29, 2013

I've got to admit, I like wiring a LOT better than plumbing. Wires can bend around obstacles easier than pipe, and electrons don't care if they are going uphill, downhill or sideways.

Sheridan on August 29, 2013

Your patience for this whole project is amazing. I am anxious to get her up and running (the B&B), not your vivacious energetic wife. keep the sparks flying!

MaryCraven Poteat on August 30, 2013

Wow! Always thrilled with your progress. Glad you have your mom. Hug her for me too! Note new email...please update.mcp

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