Growing a Bed and Breakfast

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Bedfordlandings

When we opened Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast in 2013, we purchased very few new home furnishings with the exception of mattresses and the great room sectional sofa. Instead we used what we had accumulated from our blended households to intermingle styles that would work. Admittedly, I have decorated through much up-cycling, bargain thrift store and craigslist purchases. But that’s part of the fun if you ask me!

Operating a bed and breakfast offers a minimal profit line. It does, however, allow us to put earnings back into the property. So, each year, we try to invest in an improvement for the household and to make the stay more pleasurable for our guests. For example:

• In 2014, we upgraded the hot tub area with professional art with art by Lisa Floyd.

• In 2015, we added Marthy’s Creek. Built not only as a memorial to my mother, whose nickname was Marthy, but as a relaxing place to sit by the fire pit or flowing water.

• In 2016 we added a dumb waiter, which is saving us trips up and down with armfuls of laundry or groceries.  In 2016, we also added a charming little mouse hole.

• In 2017 we built the Chicken House and now guests can enjoy fresh eggs and we can clean up after the five little darlings.

I recently ran across several photos that show the transformation that we have made. Although I tried to be technologically savvy, I wasn’t 100% successful. However, I was resourceful as I transposed a powerpoint show with audio to a 3-minute movie to show some comparison shots.

What is in store for 2018?

We are pricing exterior lighting to light the way up the driveway and to light the sign and continuing to add to the landscaping. Stay tuned and come see us!

Upcoming events:

Happy Hour painting March 26 6:00 pm. $35. Lisa Floyd, artist. Email Karen or call 540- 488- 4600 to register.

Happy Hour Painting April 2 at 6:00 pm. $35. Lisa Floyd, artist. Email Karen or call 540- 488- 4600 to register.

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Sheridan on March 20, 2018

True love shows growth and depth. You all do that for Bedford Landings! Impressive!

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