Winter at Bedford Landings

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Bedfordlandings

The fall weather fooled us for a while but no more. We believe it is winter at Bedford Landings. That means warm fires, mulled wine, and fewer reservations. And we miss our guests! We have only a few folks lined up for December and no reservations for January so we are offering a December special. If you reserve and for two nights and give us this code, you will get 25% off the room rate (Code: DECEMBER2nights).

Winter at Bedford Landings brings maintenance and redecorating. This winter, I had not decided what my tasks would be, but an artist called me. Lisa Floyd (Floyd Artworks) contacted me and stopped by to visit. We ended up agreeing on two projects for her to do at Bedford Landings. I am very pleased with her work and equally as pleased to have found a new and delightful friend.

First, she transformed the space in the Forest Room where the themed items are staged. Now there is a lovely birch tree haven. It brightens the space and is just lovely!


The area above the bathroom where the birch trees are painted just lights up the room!


Taken from the doorway of the Forest room.

Then we took down the lattice and flowers that I had added when we first opened the B & B two years ago. She then transformed the outdoor guest hot tub area. Specializing in faux art, she added wood and stone. Faux means it looks real from a distance but is only replicating the materials. In our case, she painted on the stone and wood.


Lisa Floyd with her rendition of Bedford Landings and Smith Mountain Lake.

Lisa and I agreed that the long wall needed more. That’s when she decided that some FINE ART needed to be displayed there. She painted an adaptation of our Bedford Landings logo.

The fine art painting is brilliant and calming at the same time. We are very pleased and hope our guests will want to sit in the hot tub during these when they come experience winter at Bedford Landings and enjoy the warmth of the water while admiring the art! Bring it on!


Note the PAINTED stone and wood along with the Fine Art by Lisa Floyd.

Lastly, if you are in need of a unique Christmas gift, consider a gift certificate for a flight over the lake. Resident pilot, Jack has his website up and running now and you can contact him for a gift certificate. Check it out at Bedford Landings Air Tours.

And Ho- Ho-Ho until next time!


Sheridan on December 4, 2015

The sign of a company that believes in themselves is growth and change! You got it! Makes me want to come back for more!

Lisa on December 4, 2015

Thanks for the shoutout! So thankful you are as pleased as we are with how your great choices turned out. It was my pleasure to create them and enhance your absolutely beautiful place there. Dale & I are also thankful for the delightful company and new friendship!

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