A Dollhouse at Bedford Landings

Posted on April 30, 2016 by Bedfordlandings

When my mom turned 65, we gave her what she had always been wanting—a dollhouse with miniature furniture. The dollhouse was in flat pieces and needed to be assembled and she had no clue what to do, so it was never assembled. She died two years ago and I am still sorting through some of her belongings. Along the way, she must have given the dollhouse away, but recently, I found the doll furniture.  Pondering what to do, I want to thank my friend Lewanna for the great idea for how to use some of it! Take a look at this sequence of photos to see how we turned something in the great room into a dollhouse at Bedford Landings!

Looks like normal window seat!

Looks like normal window seat!

Look closer where I have drawn the red arrow on the seat base

Look closer where I have drawn the red arrow on the seat base


Handy Jack cut a little mouse door!

Inside the dollhouse

Peek inside. Looks large, but think miniature!

The door opens and inside I have placed the furniture into a little living room. There is a wine rack, little wine glasses, a lamp, chairs, etc.  I have ordered some little “characters” to go inside.  We will peek at that later once they arrive. Anyway it was fun to make it.

So this little dollhouse at Bedford Landings is a secret to share with children who will pass through our doors! We hope they will enjoy it!  We have a little 5-year old staying with us now and I can’t wait to show it to her tomorrow after breakfast!


But… while I was working on the dollhouse, I kept seeing shadows out the window.  There were very large birds flying.  Look!  There are turkey vultures in the trees.  Aren’t they the kind of birds of prey that just hang around looking for something to die; like a rabbit, a deer or a raccoon?  Kinda creepy if you ask me!  As many as 5 just sitting in the trees.  And this one surveying from the top of the hangar.  Ewww!




Next week, Bedford Landings B & B and Bedford Landings AirTours are going to host a booth at the Downtown Moneta Business Expo on May 6th.  If you are in the area, drop by and say hello!

The following weekend, we are helping host a Wings & Wheels event at the Smith Mountain Lake Airport.  A free family-friendly time with classic cars, antique airplanes and handmade quilts displayed.  Come vote for your favorite car, quilt, and plane, have some lunch, bring a chair, watch remote controlled airplanes fly and listen to 60’s music! There will be an airport scavenger hunt for kids.  It is FREE and lasts from 10:00-3:00 on May 14th.

Microsoft Word - Fly-in2016.docxThere is a lot going on this summer.  But most importantly, come see my Secret Dollhouse at Bedford Landings!  Happy Spring!




Sheridan on April 30, 2016

That is the cutest, coolest thing I have seen in ages!

Patsy on April 30, 2016

What a neat tribute to your mom.

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