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Come the blue bird bodily bursting

Into my windows he did bore

Flickering, fighting his own reflection

Clamoring, clamoring more and more.


Futile attempts to best the other

Reflecting bluebird mirrored, he.

Then time came –he calmed his clamor peace to him comes –  evermore.

It’s true!  For three days, we had a blue bird attacking his own reflection. Symbolic perhaps, the same three days paralleled my mother’s final decline. She had stopped swallowing, in her last days managing the disease of Alzheimer’s.

Indeed when the bird stopped,  she too, drew her last breath. Yet, the B & B business moves ahead and our guests were truly understanding.  With a full house at Bedford Landings, two friends (Susie and Marion) stepped forward to team up as hosts at Bedford Landings and became Inn Sitters for Memorial Day Sunday/Monday while our family gathered to pay tribute to Mom.  I couldn’t have been prouder to be part of my family. The grandchildren took part in the service as did my brother, sister and I.

Besides attending to my mother’s final tribute, and before gearing up for a busy tourist season, we had planned a short trip by (Jack’s) RV-4 airplane to Savannah, GA for some R&R. There we enjoyed learning the history of Savannah and staying at the Olde Savannah Inn, dining at the Olde Pink House, Paula Deen’s Restaurant (Lady and Sons), and Clary’s (made famous during the filming of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”).

Bird Girl Statue stained glass in Clery's Restaurant.

Bird Girl Statue stained glass in Clery’s Restaurant.

Sculpture of Johnny Mercer, composer of the song, "Moon River."

Sculpture of Johnny Mercer, composer of the song, “Moon River.”

Jack found Molly McPherson's; an establishment that wins the prize for the most single malt scotch selection and great scotch eggs that we will experiment on our menu.

Jack found Molly McPherson’s; an establishment that wins the prize for the most single malt scotch selection and great scotch eggs that we will experiment on our menu.

After completing a relaxing two-day trip in Savannah, we flew the little plane to Jacksonville, FL  to celebrate my sister’s birthday and to visit more family in Orlando just for the day. But then we were forced by weather to extend our stay a bit longer as a stationary weather front over South Carolina prohibited us from flying back on time.

Every cloud has a silver lining!

Every cloud has a silver lining!

We had to again turn to Marion to be on call at Bedford Landings to check in guests. We did make it back, just a little later than planned. Keep that bag packed, Marion.

This summer brings guests celebrating weddings, birthdays, family lake visits, and anniversary celebrations. At Bedford Landings, we want to help guests have a memorable stay. We happily provide lake area maps and help determine a game plan to enjoying Smith Mountain Lake.

Depending on what guests like to do, some of our recommendations include:

– a visit to the state park, which is just 5 minutes away. They will be hosting summer (Saturday) concerts (http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/smith-mountain-lake.shtml )

– an abbreviated wine tour to the lovely RamuloseRidge tasting room (http://www.ramuloseridgevineyards.com) and settling in for sunset Saturdays at Hickory Hill (http://www.smlwine.com),

– a boat rental with lunch or dinner at (http://www.bwmarina.com) at a waterfront restaurant,

– A trip to Bedford Centertown (http://centertownbedford.com/) and the D-Day Memorial with anniversary events this year (http://www.dday.org/events)

– shopping at unique gift shops like Oar Knot, the General Store, Cottage gate… maybe followed by a cold beer at Sunken City Brewery (http://sunkencitybeer.com/) .

With the bustle of the summer upon us, I still will need to become used to not visiting Mom. But the legacy she has left is remarkable. Did you ever experience emotions coming out in words or prose? It’s my therapy so thanks for indulging this blogger this time!

… The energy of the room represented the life that she lived, passed on, and represented to us.  Living as an example mother and working grandmother –  it is that energy and renewal that we must continue as her legacy; productive, giving, humoring, holding, and loving. It is this legacy that we must pass on within our family, to our children so that from generation to generation we deliver with the same integrity what we witnessed in her death. Salute mom.

May it be a great summer for all readers.  Remember who brought you into this world to enjoy the sunshine, friends, and feel the love!




Marion Wetcher on June 2, 2014

I love that you pay such a wonderful tribute to your Mother! Don't worry.......I'm just a phone call away my friend! :)(Or a text ....or just a mention on facebook!) Ha!

Sheridan on June 2, 2014

You will forever associate the bluebird's plight with Mom's final flight. How beautiful.

Nancy Van Dyke on June 5, 2014

A beautiful tribute indeed. My Mom loved feathers so when one crosses my path or floats down from the sky, I know she is with me. Aren't birds a wonderful gift from God just like our Mom's?

Nancy Middaugh on September 1, 2014

Karen, That was very nice and moving. Everyday will be a little easier, but the heart always hold a special place for our Moms and Dads. Just remember the wonderful memories. I lost my Mom over 16 years ago, and my Dad just three years ago, I still miss them everyday, but I still try to talk to them everyday. They are still looking over us, only from a different view. God Bless, Nancy and Roger

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