Summer at Bedford Landings B & B – Cluck Cluck, Arf!

Posted on July 21, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

Happy summer, 2017!  We always have a lot going on. We don’t always tell all..but we do share some.  I (Karen) am generally the blogger for Bedford Landings. Occasionally do I get Jack, our resident pilot and biscuit maker, to add a few words for us.  But Jack’s brother George – now there is an admitted blogger; consistent and interesting.  Today, he even addresses blogging! Not so lowly, George, you even get race press passes!

Chicken Update

Summer is in full swing complete with potential thermometer readings of 100 today! I hear that chickens don’t lay eggs if it gets too hot so that’s this week’s excuse! They are nearly 22 weeks old and I actually enjoy letting them out each morning and locking them in their coop each night. But with the heat, I felt sort of sorry for them locked up in their coop last night. But it was precautionary. I hear there have been black bear sightings not far from here and one of our guests saw a red fox run across the runway so I still locked them up!

I took this photo last night. Remember last blog I said that their combs and waddles get redder when they are ready to lay?  What do you think of me now?Red - 1

Last Saturday, I found their first egg. I don’t know which one of them actually laid it and I still have not cracked it open. What should I do? Egg_Comparison

My friend Wendy (Hickory Hill Vineyards) says to blow out the insides and keep the shell. It is relatively small compared to the eggs that I buy from our little friend down the road.  In the photo, you will see our little gem is on the left! Kristian delivers us three-dozen a week and was not all that impressed when I told him we had found out first egg.

As motivation, I purchased them a handsome peacock/rooster chicken sculpture made from recycled car and airplane parts (that is the part that sold me!) from the General Store in Moneta. They had a lot of other great yard art!

Peacock_Sculpture - 1

On the Water

We have maintained a five-star trip advisor rating for three years. Last week, one of the guests mentioned how pleasant and what a good job, Patty, the housekeeper does for us. Patty is deBella-LIfejacket - 1pendable and works hard for us. So, we took her on a boat ride this week. She had never been out on Smith Mountain Lake and loved it. Patty didn’t want her photo posted, so we are posting two of Bella instead!

Bella (Shihtzu-Pug), enjoyed her boat ride too!  It was too hot to don her little life jacket for very long, so she just sat close and enjoyeBella-Me_Boat - 1 (1)d the ride.


We celebrated my brother’s 60th birthday at the lake complete with his kids (my niece and nephew and their families) and my sister. Since the B & B was full, we spent most of the time at my sister’s across the lake (10 minutes by jet ski and 40 minutes by car). Yes we have funny hats on in the group photo.  We also had pinatas, family jeopardy, food, boats, and even tried our hand at Stand Up Paddle boarding in my sister’s cove. Summer17 - 12

My sister, who promises to permanently move here at some point, has become involved in volunteering at the Booker T. Washington National Monument and even portrayed a plantation wife in the summer Juneteenth play (last in the line in the photo below).  She was fantastic, far more dramatic than I could be!BookerT_Play_Sherry - 12

Destiny, our beautiful grand daughter, is visiting for the summer. Last week she was part of the music team working at Vacation Bible School. Next week, she is helping teach swimming lessons with the Bedford YMCA at Mariner’s Landing and in between, we plan to go to Luray Caverns as well as take in a Salem Red Sox game. Over the past summers, she has met friends and has several social engagements planned in the coming weeks. We have even let her be in charge of the kitchen (dinner only) from time to time and is getting the hang of cooking as well as cleaning up, which makes me happy!


We continue to have very interesting and engaging guests flying and driving into Bedford Landings! Summers are our busy time and we so appreciate them choosing Bedford Landings for their vacation time! We had three fly-in guests last weekend which made an interesting array on the ramp out front.Threeplanes

Chicken talk

I am becoming more cognizant of the reasoning behind several of the catch phrases about chickens…

…up with the chickens,

…to bed with the chickens,

…ya big chicken,

… chicken in every pot (ooops! We hope not!)

Stay tuned for more summer updates from us (and the) chickens!

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Sheridan on July 21, 2017

Pleasant and fun update Sis! Getting to the lake as fast as I can!!! Some days the waiting is so dreary and depressing, and alas I hang in there to forsake all other hopes would be amoock. ( sure I am more dramatic?)

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