With Bated Breath We Await the Arrival of Our First Little Omelet!

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

We know our Bedford Landings Blog readers are waiting with bated breath to see a photo of our first chicken egg. We are too! I even have a special little box to place it in for it’s photo op!

Our five chickens are 17 weeks old now. The books and articles indicate that they begin to lay between 16 and 24 weeks. Age isn’t our only clue, however.
I did a little more research. Here is what I found and what we are observing.


But the deciding factor is if their pelvis bones are ready. We would need to first catch one and then check the three prominent bones to see if they are close or separated. Jack told me to “get right on that and he would get the video camera ready!”

Many of you have advised that we need a rooster in order to get eggs. Really? At a Bed & Breakfast we can’t have cock-a-doodle-dooing! So we will not have a rooster. But think about it, girls! We have eggs without roosters don’t we? Hens don’t need roosters. Enough said about that!

Bored Chickens

I have learned is that chickens get bored. And bored chickens start pecking at each other resulting in feather loss and egg eating. Yikes! So we entertain them! I put a mirror in their chicken yard! They like that!

Macro_Chicken_Blackie_Mirror2 - 1 Macro_Chicken_Red_Mirror - 1 (1)

I hung a swing in the yard but I have yet to see them on the swing! There are many boredom busters.  I have added a few stools for them to get on, one right next to the swing to encourage them to hop on the swing! I also make treats for them. Using the food processor, I grind up fruits, veggie skins, and leftovers with egg shells. They love it. After scooping it into a platter for the chickens, I set the bowl down and have also discovered that our dog has taken a liking to the ground-up treat as well!

Enough about chickens, what else is happening at Bedford Landings?

We have joined the state innkeepers association called StayVA. This is a place you can search for a place to stay in Virginia. As part of that association, we are working with Aspiring Innkeepers. We have hosted one potential innkeeper as she job shadowed us as we welcomed, cooked, cleaned and more.

We are really busy. Each day we have 2-4 guest rooms full. Many of the reservations are from folks who find themselves at the lake having not reserved a place to stay. So, this year’s trend is…late night arrivals. There are always interesting people arriving on motorcycles, by plane, or pulling a boat, all with stories to tell! Jack as been averaging about four flightseeing rides each week. Guests at Bedford Landings, as well as others visiting the lake, enjoy taking in the beauty of Smith Mountain Lake by air.

Upcoming events at the lake include the Fourth of July fireworks (July 1 and 2), Pirates Day (mid July), sunset Saturdays at Hickory Hill, The Embers will be at Mangos, the Cardboard Boat Regatta and more. 

Come visit, watch the chickens, enjoy the porch, sip a glass of wine, wander around, and let us pamper you!


Friends enjoying Sunset Saturday at Hickory Hill vineyards.


Thatbeeguy on June 28, 2017

The waiting is always the hardest part but remember those first few eggs you get it's going to take a dozen of them just to make one omelet they'll be small until them bones get stretched out. No you don't need a rooster want to borrow one? You know where we are and we wave at all low-flying planes

Sheridan on June 28, 2017

Getting goose bumps just egg waiting!!!

Marion Wetcher on June 29, 2017

I am soooo very egg-cited about your upcoming omelet! I know it will be delicious as is everything that comes out of your kitchen! Love ya!

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