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Can you say zero degrees? Well, paint my world cold! The snow and a
drastic change in temperatures is nice a for a day or two, but I am
done with winter now. I didn’t choose to live in the northeast and after living for a year in chilly Michigan in the 70’s, I moved back south! What are you doing on these cold days?

One idea is to paint your world RED with Redbox. But each time we go  checkout a moviem selecting from the ones I have made note of to watch, the ones we wanted were already checked out. Not such a novel idea. Everyone else has thought of that. And no, we don’t have Netflix.

Nine year-old Grand daughter, Destiny, came to spend her snow days with us yesterday. The most fitting DVD to watch was FROZEN.   Paint her world NO spring break! So far  she has missed 5 days of school.

I decided to warm up the game room at Bedford Landings. So I bought
toasted nutmeg paint and warmed up that little room with color and new
decor.  I love it’s new look!  We have had the wood stove
stocked and burning too!


Before the paint. We had just added the wood stove.


After painting one wall.

Another paint job has been fun! In Bedford, someone found some new
unfinished wooden chairs in an old chair factory.  They need a little TLC and
paint. They ran a news story and promoted the chair availability
asking artists to pick them up to repurpose. Not that we are artists, but that didn’t stop us.  Jack picked up 3 of them. My sister, Sherry and I are decorating two of them and friend Carolyn has another. I have already done my part with my colorful paint. Jack is preparing a wooden seat cut to shape then Sherry is using acrylic paint for the seat covers. She will be here in March with her rendering. These will be auctioned off in May at a Chair-ity. So far this is what they look like. I will share the finished product after she brings the rest.

After adding paint to the chairs

After adding paint to the chairs

Jack bought some white paint for the new beehives. By the looks of the
snow on the hives, we will be lucky if there are still bees in the two
hives we own.



We plan to buy a new nucleus of bees this spring but hope at least one hive survives the winter for we will need honey for biscuits. We have completely depleted last years 3.5 gallons. Of course many Bedford Landings guests are enjoying it in their own homes. Maybe we should recall those 35 honey bears we sold! 

The thermometer is stuck on 5 degrees as I write this morning February
20, 2015. But this I know, spring is just 5 weeks away, the snow will
melt in all parts of the U.S. And but  my oldest child turns 30 in 3

Whitney and me taken June 2014.

Whitney and me taken June 2014.

So not only do I paint my world cold, but I paint me old– but happy at Bedford Landings with a crackling fire, warm toasted nutmeg paint and a list of movies to watch. What color do you paint your world today?


Nancy Van Dyke (N1) on February 20, 2015

I paint my world Caribbean blue - just can't get the thought of that color out of my mind as my eyes wait to see it next week "in person". Seems a good vacation on the horizon deletes this bone chilling weather. Caribbean here we come!

Marion Wetcher on February 20, 2015

Good Morning Friends! I paint my world grateful! Grateful for faith, family and friends!!! So the color I paint my world is YELLOW! It means sunshine and smiles to me!!!!

Nancy Rae Brown on February 21, 2015

Today I paint my world ultra-delightful and ultramarine violet, the color in the shadows of snow! I'm an artist and seeing all this lovely softly falling snow brings back lots of happy memories of growing up in South Dakota.

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