Painting a Sweet Independence Day

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Bedfordlandings

June has been a busy month and we expect a busy July as well! In June, we painted, we robbed the bees, and we sold the trailer.

Two weeks ago when super grand daughter Destiny was here, we got into our bee suits to rob the bees of their honey.  She was actually a big help and wasn’t ever afraid of being stung in her mighty (home made) suit!

We harvested over 3.5 gallons and bottled over 35 containers of honey.  We sell it to guests if they are interested for $7 (10 oz.) bottle.  We call it wildflower honey since we have no clue where our little bees foraged.


Bee Bears all lined up!

Our friend and artist, Nancy Rae Brown taught a painting class.  We had room for 8 per session and hosted two separate groups in a Happy Hour painting class.


Happy Hour painting at Bedford Landings 

At the end of June, sold our little travel trailer that we called home at the lake for 6 years.  It was such a find on Craigslist for $3500.  In 2008, we pulled that trailer from Raleigh over the mountain. We parked it outside on our property until we had the hangar. I remember sitting in trailer on our lot while it was raining. There was no TV and no place to go except in that little space. Jack and I played travel SCRABBLE. We were stuck in that little space and I thought “What has my life come to!”
Once we had the hangar structure, we built a home around it inside the hangar.  We sold the little darling for $2000 to a construction crew who will pull it to Washington, DC and house 6 crew.  They said it will save them a bundle of hotel room nights. Hope they love it as much as we did (shedding a tear!)


The travel trailer with the centerpiece of our hangar decor! We should have been on the home tour!

Also in June, we finished the loft in the Flying Room.  There is a trundle bed aloft and a seaplane hanging from the ceiling. Meant for families, the maximum number of people in that room would be 6.  There is a fee of $30 per person over 2 people per room.  All children in this room, however need to be closely watched. Don’t make suggestions for what you would do if you were a kid in the loft!


Coming in July
We have booking for every room night in July except two.  On one non-booked night, I am going to Harrisonburg, VA to visit my good friend Agnes, who has plants for the yard awaiting me.  And the second time with no bookings, we are hosting my brother for his birthday!  His wife hasn’t seen Bedford Landings yet so we are so excited they will drive over from Floyd!  To add to Family Time, we will be hosting Jack’s 90-year old mama’s birthday mid-month with visits from his brother (from Wilmington, NC) and his daughter and grandson (from Raleigh, NC)

Trending for the Fourth of July – pretzel sparklers for the guests.  Rod pretzels dipped in white chocolate sprinkled with colorful sugars!  We will probably be vacuuming up sprinkles for weeks.

Pretzel Sparklers

Pretzel Sparklers

Until then- ride with the wind and may it drop you near Bedford Landings! We’ll leave the light on for you!


The windsock atop the hangar


The front door!




Sheridan on July 1, 2014

From trailer trash to entrepreneurs...soon will you be Castle Cronies? You deserve the best.

Just Another Jack on July 1, 2014

WAY COOL. Been wanting to come over. Hard finding time. Look forward to seeing you at your August your Open House. ... jack

Marion Wetcher on July 10, 2014

Love,love,love the B & B !!! So happy that you're staying so busy and yet still saving time for your families!!! :)

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