Loaves and Fishes

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

I could entitle this blog one of many things…”When it rains, it pours,” or “Loaves and Fishes” or “Blessings abound!” Many of you know I have been praying for Loaves and Fishes as we complete our house.  And God is bringing forth answers to prayers in so many forms!

Following my surgery, I was “down” and stayed in a reclining position for at least 3 days.  Then I could take it no longer.  I figured if I had been walking and working on a fractured hip for 6 weeks without screws, then with screws, it should be even stronger.  But I am going slowly and easily, using the golf cart, the crutches, sometimes a walker in the hangar, and those riding grocery carts!  So, don’t stereotype grocery cart users! But I have noticed, I can’t reach everything and I am seeing new products at knee level!

I went to the house Sunday and pitched a fit at the mess!  I am gone for a few days and it is an unsafe mess pile of window jamb wrappings and straps, soda bottles and pizza crusts! Grrr!  I rolled around on a “shop” stool and picked up some so there were fewer tripping hazards. Then I crutched upstairs and scooted around on my butt to stain the bull nosing that the trim carpenters had installed. Railing comes next so that needed to be done.

Then Monday, the parade of contractors began. We tried to count just how many contractors woke up Monday morning and said, “I think I will go to Bedford Landings today!” Today,  shout outs to everyone trying to make our dream a Thanksgiving reality, and Thursday, hopefully I can get around and take photos.

This is who showed up yesterday:

Blessings abound and our Loaves and Fishes are just starting to overflow!  Y0u ain’t seen nothing yet, we will be in by Thanksgiving (she said determined!)



Sheridan on November 5, 2013

"There is always the two-fold significance to the acts of Jesus. He meets a need and He shows forth the glory of God. It was done by the mingling of love and power." You are loved.

Marion Wetcher on November 5, 2013

Well......sounds like things are moving along for you. So much going on....YIKES! How exciting!!! There are "signs" that things will be getting finished on schedule! "Signs" from above!!! No, really.....we have your "sign" from MD !!! We'll have to figure out when we can bring it over!!!! :)

Bedford Landings Blog Busier Than a One-legged Cat in a Litter Box on November 7, 2013

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