Busier Than a One-legged Cat in a Litter Box

Posted on November 7, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

The title of today’s blog is one of Jack’s favorite sayings at a busy time like this… but we couldn’t be happier!  I don’t think he was referring to me as the one-legged cat, but I could be wrong!

 As I blogged earlier this week, we have had the good fortune of being mostly on schedule and having the scheduled contractors all here (seemingly at once).

As promised, I want to share a series of pictures to SHOW you what is going on. First the outside.  All Pro Earthworks did a patient, calculated job of grading, seeding, mulching the yard and building a drain system and dry creek bed.  They were a gentlemanly crew and I would recommend them to anyone. Here is a progression of their work.

Before and After

We needed a distinction from the house to the driveway. Out lot is narrow so we didn’t have much room. There are actually tiny box woods planted in the mulch.


Steve had already installed a culvert, but we tied into that culvert from the yard with another drain under the dry creek bed.  Each of these rock were hand placed.  Then I added a little bridge to cross the bed.  The front steps and a short paver sidewalk yet to come.


Once the dumpster is gone, I will show the other side of the house!

Now the inside work:


The deck became the worksite for Jack, and the Koontz’s to prepare each piece of Tongue and Groove for the kitchen and dining room ceiling.


Bill running the planer to shave off just a bit of each piece of T & G.


Jack and Carolyn pause, but just for a moment!

And a glance at their work!  This is the Dining Room.  I was mainly taking a photo of the ceiling to see the T & G so the angle is a little weird! But doesn’t it look spectacular!


The Hardwoods

The hardwood crew got the rhythm of laying the great room and front hallway flooring.  Flooring provided by Interiors by Kris at Smith Mountain Lake. Joe, the ever patient hardwoods expert has been helpful all along during this project! Todd, the crew leader, had this crew well organized.


Just beginning


Standing at the fireplace looking toward the front door.

Look how far this shot has come from the May post of the front door newly stained!


The painter must paint around what has to be installed, like HVAC systems, trim, and tile.  Tom, the painter and I have both been painting spots so other work can proceed.  Doreen even chipped in this week to paint so a window could be trimmed, so then the tile could be completed for one of the bathrooms!

Here are some shots of the painter and trim carpenter. The trim carpenter is working to install bull nosing (I stained it) and stairs to the theatre room downstairs (I stained the stairs too). Railings are going up and there will be wrought iron balusters. Can’t wait to see how that will look!


The painter. The paint is called Natural Wicker. I am doing one color all over for now.


Brian, the trim carpenter cutting into the bull nosing for the posts for the stair railing.


Bull nosing from the second floor. Bull nosing is that trim piece all the way around. Carpet will go on this floor next week.


Railings are up!


These oak stairs lead to the lower level and will have a carpet runner on them.

Tile Work

Jeff Enslow and his mighty assistant, Jason are installing tile.  I love to watch what they bring for lunch.  These guys don’t just eat out of a can, they often bring a little crock pot of chili or soup and make a plate of and sandwiches, serving themselves on a nice plate and eating on the porch!  Class!  And their tile work is classy too!  Take a look!


The fishing room bathroom has a green tile with iridescent (like fishes!) accents.


The Forest Room bathroom has a darker tone with an accent at the door threshold.


I picked up the accent tile at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke over a year ago. Jeff worked it into the design with this tile that has a swirl of blue in it for the Flying bathroom


The Fourth Room has a gas fireplace. Glenwood Propane completed the front and Jeff tiled the area in front of the logs.


The Fourth Room is a white on white décor. I love what he did with this whirlpool/shower area.

I sure hope you are enjoying following along with our B & B progress!  I am so enjoying watching all of the decisions I made about color and décor coming together.  But today, I will be gone as Jack keeps on working.  I get to go to Raleigh to pick up my grand daughter, Destiny, for the weekend!  Yea!



carolyn on November 7, 2013

We should have gone upstairs yesterday

Shawny P on November 7, 2013

Awesome! Good job every1! I cant wait till you can finally move in. I know you cant wait either... we are lookin forward to seeing you today!

Marion Wetcher on November 7, 2013

Hi! EVERYTHING is looking soooooooo terrific!!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!! LOVE all of it!!!!!

sheridan on November 7, 2013

And all through this modestly courageous Karen is hobbling on crutches with screws holding her broken hip together-God Bless you Everyone . . .

Bro on November 7, 2013

Wow! You guys are rolling. It looks exhausting and it looks completely beautiful. I really like the little bridge out front (or is that back?). How's the hip holding up?

Jack Hutslar on November 7, 2013

Speaking of a one legged cat, we are there too without any surgeries for excuses. Setting up for The Stocked Market at the Roanoke Civic Center F-S-S. 10,000 people coming to buy our Alpaca clothing and log homes. Bedford Area Chamber Breakfast Before Hours Tuesday the 12th at our Showroom across from Capps. 8-9am. Are you a member? If not, come check it out. The BACC power people will be there. BTW - my exterminator friend says that it is better to put gravel around the foundation rather than mulch. Bugs breed in the mulch . . . the other jack

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