Doolittle, The Flying Dorky

Posted on October 9, 2023 by Bedfordlandings

In a blog posted a few months ago, I shared the beginnings of a new children’s book that I am writing. Anyone who has been to Bedford Landings in the last two years, has met the house pup, Doolittle. He is so (overly) friendly and affectionate. We have to check guest luggage before people leave to be sure they did not pack this 9.5 pound bundle of joy.

I am happy to report that the book will be released right after Thanksgiving. It is still in draft form (as seen in the photo) but it is very close!

Cover Doolittle book
Cover for Karen’s new book

I will share the link once I have it but it is designed for children ages 5 (to have parents read with the child) to age about 12 when a child can read independently. There are ten chapters and most of the stories are true! I have done all of the photography for the book. There are several boxes with questions to create conversation with children.

We have a great time with Doolittle and he has spread so much love to those who visit Bedford Landings B & B! Stay tuned for more details! This will be a must have gift in time for the holidays!

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