Doolittle The Flying Dorky

Posted on June 17, 2023 by Bedfordlandings

I don’t necessarily want to be THAT pet owner who adores their pet so much that – but I do adore Doolittle and so does everyone else who comes to Bedford Landings B & B. A couple of weeks ago, two Nashville songwriters were staying with us. Of course, Doolittle made friends with them. Laughingly, they said they thought they should write a song called “Doolittle the Flying Dorky.” Then, dreaming on, they said, then you could write a children’s book and it would even become a TV show. LOL!

So having a few moments, I played around with the first chapter. Now I have 5 chapters and I want (your) reader input. Let me know if you want to read more chapters and I will post them! Here is Chapter One.

(Doolittle The Flying Dorky (c) by, Karen DeBord Phillips)

Chapter One – Those Ears!

Since I was just a little pup, I have had big ears.  My 3 sisters and 4 brothers often would tell big earjokes about me. They said I was “all ears” or say I was half bunny rabbit.  But I am not a bunny rabbit!  I was born a Dorky just like they were.  My mama was a Yorkshire (Yorkie) terrier, and my Daddy was a Dachshund. Put it together and that makes a Dorky.  

I didn’t stay with my birth family for very long before I was adopted. And my, do my new people love my ears?  They pet them and stroke them.  I love my new place.  I love to snuggle with them at night and follow them all around the house and yard. 


We play outside… but outside, there are loud noises that I don’t like.  Sometimes, the Mister gets into his big noisemaker and leaves.  He is usually not gone long but in leaving, he makes big rumbling noise!  I watch him disappear into the clouds. He floats up into the air.  Then he goes far so far up that I can’t see him in the sky.

What is that loud noise?

Once the Mister and the Mistress took me with them in this loud thing and we went up, up, up.  We were flying.  The Mistress covered my ears, so it wasn’t too loud for me. 

Doo in plane

My ears continue to grow and people that visit us say, “those ears!” then they laugh.

I love it when people visit. I sit pretty to let them pet me (and my ears).  Everyone seems to love me.  They tease and say they want to take me home with them!  

I love to run and play.  I almost caught a squirrel one time.  I am very fast! I can catch a ball and even rollover. My life is good.

One day I was running in circles outside letting a little boy chase me.

Then I had an idea.  Wonder if I could use my ears for more than being cute?

That night, I dreamed I was flying.  I must have twitched in my sleep because the Mistress woke me up using a soft voice. 

I liked the dream!  In it, I was the Famous Doo!

I could do something no other dog could do!  I had special powers! I could fly!

In my dreams, I could hear a crowd cheering and people singing!

Doo… littleDoooooo LittleDoo the flying Dorky

Doooo littleDoo Little

He’s always been quite lucky

He runs so fast then jumps up high

Then look what happens, he reaches the skyyyy!

Doooo Little, Doo!

The famous Flying Dorky!

End Chapter One. If you want more, you gotta tell me. If that was totally enough, it’s ok!

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