A Bandaid for Moral Support

Posted on August 22, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Sometimes a guy just needs some support. When I hear my sweet, tired builder saying “There is just so much to do” Or “this is taking longer than I thought,” then it is time for support. So we flew some in!

Bill's RV-10, completed 2 years ago.

Bill’s RV-10, completed 2 years ago.

Shout outs to our friend. Bill who came to help Jack with the electrical wiring the past two days. He flew in his beautiful RV-10. It is the same kind of plane we have part way built that is in storage (we have 2 wings and the tail done plus we have the engine).

Their goal has been to get the electrical outlets done on all exterior walls. Jack has completed the outlets that are outside so the siding can commence. Siders PROMISE they will be here Monday with supplies and start work Wednesday. I will believe it when I see it!

To wire, there are many holes to be drilled and the electrical line has to be fished between outlets and back to the basement to the main electrical panel.  The electrical panel did pass inspection this week, by the way!

Bill sawing a hole.  Then he required a bandaid later in the morning.

Bill sawing a hole in the garage.

Jack fishing for the wire from below.  This is the breakfast room

Jack fishing for the wire from below. This is the breakfast room

There is so much infrastructure under your walls at home!  It seems that building “good foundation” takes the most time but very important!  However, I am so ready to cover it all up with drywall!

Here is the Flying Room bathroom.  Let's cover it up and make walls!

Here is the Flying Room bathroom. Let’s cover it up and make walls!

Below is the staging area for the saw, the plumbing, and electrical parts.  Someday this will be our sanctuary…the Master Bedroom!

The Master BR will have double doors.

The Master BR will have double doors and is right off the great room.

Poor Bill was our second injury on the worksite (the first injury). He somehow hit himself in the head with a saw. That could have been much worse than a bandaid. We put a hard hat on him after that!

Smilin' despite the head wound.

Smilin’ despite the head wound.

But at least it wasn’t all work and no play. We work hard and play hard here! He and Jack enjoyed the hot tub first thing this morning!

Hot tub soothing old guys groaning muscles.

Hot tub soothing old guys groaning muscles.

Thanks for the moral support, Bill!! We now carry on with this “electrifying” experience!


Sheridan on August 22, 2013

Wow. How wonderful to have a buddy on site with Jack. Bravo to friendship. When you get to something I can do without making it worse, I will come! So proud of you all!

Marion Wetcher on August 24, 2013

Well.....no talk about "manifolds" anymore. Interesting.....when you all get this whole place finished I will feel like I have learned sooooo much more than I ever thought I could learn about building a house! (Truth is, I never really wanted to know a whole lot!) So glad you have wonderful friends to fly in and help. What a blessing! Can't wait until the party!!!! :)

Lee Daniel on August 25, 2013

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