Window Debacle

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

This week, we have made some great progress and have lost a little bit of ground at the same time.
This is what has been accomplished
1. Installed exterior doors and windows (except for 7 windows. Why? The wrong size was sent. Now we have 7 windows that we can sell for a great price!
Here is my ad: Please consider this bargain!

They are Anderson A 400 series double hung , low-E glass and Smart Sun coating.  Two are tempered.  They are tilt wash. The sell for $312 each and we will sell them for $212 each if you can use them.

Clear pine interior jamb
Standard lock in stone (color)
Insect screens
Exterior color- white.

RO=3’ 2 1/8” W x 4.4’7/8” H
Unit size: 3’1 5/8” W x 4’4 7/8”H

windows for sale

2. Poured a patio where we will eventually have a hot tub for the guests.
3. Poured 20 footers for porch and deck posts.
4. Tyvec-wrapped the house
5. Completed more interior walls. I love this one of my sunroom that is part of the Master (Owner’s suite).

6. Love, loved, loved having Shawn (my son) here for a day to pitch in and help build walls.
Shawn using nailgun

Below is the only timber post in the house with 4 knee braces. We call it the TREE!

Shawn_Me_tree_Cropped7. Chimney building crew worked on framing in chimney

8. Met with various estimators for
a. Concrete vs blacktop driveway
b. Wiring for a future generator
c. HVAC system
d. Roofing and siding estimates
e. Yard grading
f. Central Vac
g. Wrought iron
9. Both of us had out teeth cleaned!
10. Both of us went to Lakeside Singers practice. Our concert is June 7-8!

I am juggling work with Va Tech and contractor estimates. Jack is working every day on site!  What a guy!

Jack measuring footers


browncrawford on May 5, 2013

So much progress and form of what was once a dream taking shape. I can almost smell the bacon cooking for breakfast. Let's plan the open house!

Marion Wetcher on May 11, 2013

HEY! You haven't posted anything for a few days...... What's up?

loveydoveynt on May 11, 2013

Ok missy, you shamed me into it. Post to come

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