We’re Proud, Happy, and Thrilled!

Posted on March 11, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

I know it may just be a Karen moment (only funny to me), but when WSLS Channel 10 did the interview with me on Friday about Bedford Landings, it seemed (to me) much like the interview with the wives in the Apollo 13 movie.  Marilyn Lovell told the other wives to just comment on camera that, “We’re proud, happy and thrilled!” Here is that clip. There is a 30 second commercial first.

Now watch this 30 second news story on Bedford Landings. I just wish I had said “We’re proud, happy and thrilled!”

On a side note, some of you know that Jack’s birthday was Friday and he has been so wrapped up in the house that he didn’t realize the super surprise party I set in motion for him!  Thanks to all who kept it a surprise! 

Stay Tuned!



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