We Could Have Been at “The Indy!”

Posted on May 27, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

Today is race day at the Indianapolis 500.  My brother-in-law and new sister-in-law have been at the gates since well before daylight.  George, an experienced and well respected blogger on all aspects of Indy racing, lives for this day each year!  We follow his postings on Oil Pressure and we could have been sitting with he and Susan today enjoying the smell of burning rubber and feeling the excitement of the crowds.  But alas, we sold our tickets and opted to stay close and hammer nails on the new garden shed/patio and prepare for our transition to Virginia.

It’s a good thing we decided to stay close because today we need to respond to a new offer we received just last night.  The buyers of our NC house have decided to counter their contractual offer by less than $25,000.  The appraisal (which was conducted by a boy who arrived with the platte of the neighbors house in hand) came in lower than their agreed upon offer and even tho we don’t have contingencies based on the appraisal, they now want to NEGOTIATE!?!  I am open to any and all suggestions for what our response should be.

So as I gaze out our open hangar door watching planes take off, I sure don’t want the deal to fall through!  We are way past the due diligence date and very much into packing and moving and this glitch has us stumped.  Our buyer is due to visit us next week to learn about the house.  One possibility is to wait until he is here and just work directly with him.


Yesterday was a productive day as Steve (our way handy neighbor) and I notched the rafters and Jack hung hardware.  The temperatures were approaching 100 degrees (99 to be honest) but we made great progress.



By 11:00 today, Jack wants to stop working and watch the race.  He and his family used to make attending the race an annual event so as I travel to go visit my Mom in Blacksburg later today, I will think on all of this and hope that an answer will present itself!  Stay cool!

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