Thirty Guests in 50 Days

Posted on February 6, 2014 by Bedfordlandings

We have now been open 50 days.  That’s hard to believe, but, we are having fun hosting guests!  Now, if I can just get Jack to listen for the dryer and fold those towels and tuck the sheets in at the foot of the bed, we are good!  Doing business with your spouse is sometimes not advised.  But we are doing fine.  We are even getting along in the kitchen for the most part.

I have sorta of missed blogging, but we have been really busy not just with guests but this winter in staying warm!  Jack has built many fires and we are continuing to work toward our Permanent Certificate of Occupancy.  Since it has been so cold, we got a 30-day extension on those porch railings.  We have the main deck complete except for the top caps.  And, Jack has the posts put up for the star-gazing deck

deck railing


When it is cold outside, I am busy at my computer planning class lectures and Jack works inside.  Here are a few things he has done:

Laundry room shelves (a cubby for each room’s sheets and towels) with a folding table that will fold up against the wall.


He finished the window seats for the two large windows.


And I have made one of two cushions for the seats. Did you know that foam is about $30 per yard?! Outrageous!



The trim carpenter finally came back and trimmed out my stained glass so it looks must more finished.


I have stained every 6-panel door in the house except those that Sherry and Carolyn helped me with.  I determined there about over 60 sides to stain. Plus all of the trim.


Cooking wise, our signature item is becoming the pecan encrusted bacon. Jack’s biscuits are very popular as well as the Kahlua Caramel French Toast.  We have other dishes we are still testing.

We are already booking reservations into June and July so let us know when you are in the area and can spend some time at Bedford Landings!  Ya’ll come!


Sheridan on February 6, 2014

Will the blogs continue as business increases? Don't forget all the specials you run as well as music and sense of the lake life. Keep up the inviting work!

Jack Hutslar on February 7, 2014

Hey, Good news abounds. Way to go. Now that we have our Showroom closed two days a week, I really want to come over and see what you have done and how it looks. Best wishes in 2014 ... jack

Marion Wetcher on February 18, 2014

So happy for you guys! Those 30 people are very lucky that you opened your B & B so they could have so much fun with you! I know I'd love it if I had the chance to be a guest! See you next month!! :)

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