The right tool for the job

This week on the menu, we have drywall, drywall dust, and drywall paste. Working around the drywall drew of six is a two-man tile installation crew. They have laid the tile in each bathroom and are covering it so as not to get drywall goo in it!


Jeff is doing a great job with the tile! This is the Flying Room bathroom floor under construction.

Working around the tile guys and the drywall crew are two homeowners.  Jack has completed the floors on all of the decks.  That’s a good thing so I don’t fall through again.  He is starting to build the upper (star gazing) deck.

I have been hobbling around still doing some exterior painting, admiring the stonework that was installed next to the driveway, and scheduling our final contractors for paint, trimwork, flooring, and kitchen. My sweet sister has been here this week contributing time to helping stain window trim and stain concrete.  Since stone is too expensive to do all around the base of the house, I have had to investigate alternatives for covering up the drab gray concrete.  I have been told that staining (instead of painting) will allow us to still adhere stone if we decide (or win the lottery!) to add stone later.   Some areas are getting a creative flair.  For example, this is where the guest hot tub will go but instead of full stone, it will receive an Italian piazza treatment, once complete.

Prepping for my creative flair!

Prepping for my creative flair!

Hobbling now for over 4 weeks, I did go have an MRI yesterday afternoon and after a quick glance, the on-call doctor immediately called.  Apparently I have a hip fracture and I should be on crutches or using a cane.  But as (those faithful follower) readers know, I have been pulling wire, climbing ladders, and not really stopping for the past 4 weeks.  I can’t really imagine how a cane might help now. Nonetheless, I found a walking stick at the thrift store.  Tomorrow is the Orthopedic appointment for the more inclusive reading.

So…for today’s blogging pleasure, we have a little fun photo identification activity (sorry, I am a teacher!).  I am going to post photos of tools that have specific jobs.  You try to decide what they are and then I will tell you what they are.  Fun, right?!

Name these items!

wetsaw scratch_Cutter

MixerScrewdriver square drill stilts

Well if you said wet saw, scratch cutter, mixer, stand-up automatic screwdriver, square, ½ drill and pump-jack stilts you would be correct!  Here are some of these tools in action.



Used to cut tile to size.


Saves your back somewhat on deck work, right, Dave?


The drywall crew looks like robo cops! Pumps them up about 4 feet.


Just like a cake mixer, I have seen several crews us this mud or concrete mixer.

But this is my favorite one.  I often catch Jack looking like this.  Name that tool, Jack!


“I know I have seen this somewhere before.”

Why isn’t it called a triangle?  That’s what I want to know!


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Jack Phillips on October 24, 2013

It's actually called a "Speed Square", because it's faster to use than the old style framing squares. And the big drill is called a 1/2 Inch drill, becasue it can take bits up to 1/2" in diameter. It also happens to have a 1/2 horsepower motor which can break your arm if the bit gets stuck.

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