The List, Windows, and Perspectives

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Last Sunday, Jack started rattling off everything that had to be accomplished this week. He was getting overwhelmed and I was overwhelmed in listening to him. I said, “let’s put it on a list so we can keep track.” And we did. Now that it is Friday, I am proud to announce 98% of the items were accomplished.

The List of tasks for one week

Among the items on that list was to have windows and exterior doors delivered. Check. Begin installation, check. Those windows were heavier than they had anticipated. After a few strained muscles, they rented a lift.

Windows installed on house facing road

Windows installed on house facing road

Up close.  Love the passive solar outriggers!

Up close. Love the passive solar outriggers!

A friend sent me a photo of our house under construction from the water. It gave me a new perspective. Then last week, I was taking a golf cart ride down the runway and got another perspective. One day I had to use a neighbor’s driveway since ours was blocked and got another perspective. I think the house will blend in once it is complete. It’s often good to see things from more than one angle (or perspective). That is so in life too, right?

As seen from the lake cove

As soon from the lake cove

House from the runway

House from the runway

From two houses over

From two houses over

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browncrawford on April 27, 2013

It is huge and beautiful.

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