The Dreaded Drywall

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

OK, so I am a little compulsive about keeping our construction site neat and clean.  We have all kinds of curious people dropping by and I feel it not only makes a good impression for the B & B, but it is safer for those who are walking around looking up at the timbers!  Through the process, I have been told that the drywall stage is the messiest of all.  Well, lo and behold, we are to that stage!  I am so proud we have come this far but if their truck is any indication of what they house will look like over the next 2 weeks, then ICK!

A glance into the drywall worker's truck.

A glance into the drywall worker’s truck.

I see online many strategies for cutting down on dust and mess.  Hopefully David Fitzgerald and crew have seen these sites too!  They have been diligently working today, cutting off pieces, tracking in mud, leaving pieces and parts, tools and saws scattered about, but it is getting done.  They started on the top floor and have affixed the wall board to the walls of the flying room and fourth room.  They are working on the Fishing room and probably will complete the Forest room by the end of today.  Here is a shot of Jack flooring the loft in the Flying room last week compared to today’s drywall up from the same angle.

Jack in the loft of the Flying Room. Bathroom below loft.

Jack in the loft of the Flying Room. Bathroom below loft.


Drywall up in the flying room.

Drywall up in the flying room.


Jeff, the tile guy has also been hard at work laying dura rock in preparation for the tile.  I can’t wait to see this bit of an artistic touch added to the house!

Repairing drain in master shower that the plumber put in a bit crooked.  Oops. I mean preparing master shower for tile!

Jeff is repairing drain in master shower that the plumber put in a bit crooked. Oops. I mean preparing master shower for tile!


Last week, I selected the granite for the kitchen and Master bathroom.  I will expound more on that next time when I have a photo.  I am still limping so I am limiting my trips to the house and I left the sample there.  I do have an orthopedic appointment for Thursday.

Kudos this week to our friend Tom Brown who gave us a hand with various tasks in preparation for the drywall debacle!

I was out of town last week for 4 days. Hopefully I will get back on schedule this week, blogging on Thursdays.  If you want to get email notifications, just click FOLLOW and you will get a notification of the next blog. And if you have a chance, LIKE US on Facebook!





Marion Wetcher on October 15, 2013

Hello Friends! Well.......looks like much progress has been made at the B & B. Lookin' good too! We might just have to stop by and check it out up close and personal sometime soon! :)

Lee Daniel on October 15, 2013

hey what's with that plumber making the tile guy straighten out drain connections? Oh, that's right he was low bid!!! (Good thing it's plastic.) Great job anyway Jack! All this is way cool! I enjoy the blogging.

Jerry Kimball on October 30, 2019

Drywall sure is messy! Hope these guys did a good job keeping the mess under control! We always have our guys clean up at the end of the day so that it doesn't pile up. Better to keep up than catch up.

Betsy Schmidt on May 13, 2021

Drywall makes a home even more beautiful. Thanks for showing it hopefully they can read it.

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