The Color Game

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

What do you think?  Sweet Tea, White Sage, & Deep Forest Pine OR Cedar Grove, Cactus Hill and Nature Trail?  These either sound like names of sub-divisions, beverages on a menu or…PAINT colors!  Who thinks these names up?  

We want the exterior of our house to look unique and inviting as well as vacation-isk since it will be a Bed & Breakfast.  We want want it not to clash with the neighbor’s house, we want it to match the hangar, and we want it to feel a bit like nature…so I am thinking of the deep chestnut color with deep green accents and of white trim.  That is the Sweet Tea, White Sage and Deep Forest Green group.  

On pinterest,com I have been trying to find something in just the colors I have in my mind and only am getting close.  Here is one color (the sweet tea shade but not this green). And here is the inspiration for the shed which is why I am having to choose exterior colors now…we will build the shed first to store tools, etc. while we build.

Still working on it.

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