Storms, Sunsets & Rainbows!

Posted on June 21, 2015 by Bedfordlandings

June has been a month full of storms, sunsets, and rainbows! We have been extremely busy and one of the bright spots this month is our June guest artist, Bonnie Mason. Bonnie is from Roanoke, Virginia and her work includes landscapes and seascapes from Virginia and nearby. She also does still life and home places. They are reasonably priced. Be sure to get by to see them while they are still on display. If you want to take a look, give us a call to be sure we are home and you can come by. The one of the river featured on her webpage is hanging in our living room!

Wish You Well – the Movie!
Another bright spot this month was the lovely photography in the winner of the People’s Choice award at the Sedona Film Festival, “Wish You Well.”  As soon as our DVD copy of this movie, arrived in our mailbox, Jack and I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine then rushed to the theatre room to enjoy this Sara Elizabeth Timmins production filmed in nearby Giles County. We of course had to pause the DVD and look for ourselves playing extras in the courtroom and graveyard scenes! What fun! If you stay here, you too can watch our copy! We keep “Wish You Well” right beside Sara’s other movie called “Lake Effects” that was filmed at Smith Mountain Lake and the copy of the 1991 movie “What About Bob,” also filmed at the lake.

Fly-In 2015
The SML Airport was host to a fly-in mid month; and this year, the storms held off until it was over. This year’s fly-in served as a fundraiser for the Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy raising over $4000 as people climbed aboard planes for rides, ate bar-b-que and watched remote control airplanes fly around. It was a fun family day.

Honoring Joe Borgess
Just after the dinner hour, a huge downpour of rain fell. But as the sun began to shine through the rain, a group of neighbors and flying enthusiasts honored the previous airport owner, Joe Borgess.

Joe had owned and operated SML (W-91) airport for over 35 years. To mark the end of his era and the beginning of the new era, we honored Joe with a lovely inscribed glass award. Joe was genuinely touched.

Honoring Joe Borgess and his years of service to the Smith Mountain Lake Airport

As we took photos and reminisced with Joe, a rainbow shined brightly after the storm.


Friends honor Joe Borgess for years of service at Smith Mountain Lake Airport


Storms, Sunsets, and Rainbows!

Fly-In 2016
Next year, the airport will be the venue for a 60’s weekend May 13-14th. This is one of the many events being planned to celebrate the Lake’s 50th birthday. Since the lake was flooded between 1964-66, the year of 2016 is considered the 50th anniversary of when the lake became full pond. Watch for more events to unfold. And give us input as to what could happen at the airport including antique cars, antique planes and a sock hop!

June has brought an array of storms, sunsets and rainbows. At Bedford Landings, we have measured over 8 inches of rain causing nice green grass, a full the rain barrel, and the washed out mulch. We have been on the water several times and the sunsets have been breathtaking.

Sunset at Smith Mountain Lake

Sunset at Smith Mountain Lake

We are so appreciative of the guests who have walked through our doors this month! Each one has his or her unique story and we never tire of hearing from them. So amidst the storms, sunsets and rainbows, our doors are open to you! June has been extremely busy and reservations are starting to roll in for July and August. But we have room for you! Just give us a call!

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Marion Wetcher on June 23, 2015

Nice blog! Always good to hear from Bedford Landings!!!!

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