Steppin’ Up!

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

Since April, we have been using a sturdy ladder to get up to the second floor.  We have framed walls, carried tools, and toted lumber up this ladder that eventually will reside in the Flying room as a functional element (more on that later). We have gotten many comment on the uniqueness of ladder but don’t really envision guests lugging their bags up it!  Too much liability, you know!?

Steady wooden ladder

Steady wooden ladder

This week, Aaron and Ben from Blue Ridge TimberWrights came to replace that foothold with black walnut steps on eastern white pine stringers with walnut pegs.

Aaron and Ben erecting steps

Aaron and Ben erecting steps

They are so beautiful that I covered them up immediately (before I took a photo) to protect them so they don’t get scratched. You can see the beautiful wood in the stringer on the second flight.  We will have a big reveal once I put some clear finish on them. Aren’t the pegs great?


So now, if you drop by (Marion) you can climb to the second floor on these lovelies but you still have to watch your “step” as always!


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