Springtime at Bedford Landings

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

OK, so last week, we got 3 inches of snow and yesterday it was 87 degrees! Crazy, I know! But, we remain busy! Jack worked to build the second floor walls. Tom R. and Tom B. helped in addition to Matt and Steve.

At least they were smiling through the heavy work!

At least they were smiling through the heavy work!

Destiny was here for Spring Break when just last week it was windy and still cool. She loved my Blue Ridge TimberWrights sweatshirt and we loved having her here!

Note the orange dirt!  That's the color of all our socks!

Note the orange dirt! That’s the color of all our socks!

This week, a new crew came to put up the second floor exterior walls. The Panel Pros crew of 6 drove down from New Hampshire and the first thing they did was take off their shirts so I supplied them with sunscreen for their poor white bodies.

Although they are raising exterior walls, Jack is still framing interior walls staying a step ahead of them.

Adding exterior walls around what will be fixed windows.

Adding exterior walls around what will be fixed windows.

I took this photo about noon today and I just love the complex shadows of the timbers and 2x4s. So this is Jack at work…
Jack reading the plans

And this is me in my work clothes. I go out and check on things in between my work (At Va Tech). I have been super busy this week writing materials for Extension Agents and conducting online training. The only drawback from a hangar/home office is when the air compressor kicks on (very loud roar) during my live presentation! Oh, and it is heating up in here. I have to keep it closed because of the noise when I am online live!

We don't have the steps yet to the 2nd floor but we have this cool ladder!

We don’t have the steps yet to the 2nd floor but we have this cool ladder!

When I took photos today, I couldn’t help but notice how the house is starting to actually look like the model Jack built to help me visualize things. Do you recall I posted about this a few weeks ago ?

So look at these great comparisons!
Here is the model of the kitchen and below is the rough in of the kitchen. Can you see what it will look like now?



And here is the Common Area upstairs with the rough in and the model.

Those support beams for the common area will be added this week!

And here is the MASTER bedroom rough in without the walls to the sunroon and bath off of it as well as the model photo.


Once the roof is on, I will post again! Yes! No more sweeping rain and snow out of the house!


Eloise Phillips on April 10, 2013

It is really beginning to take shape. Congratulations on a job well done. I am so proud of you both.

Kevin Purtee on April 10, 2013

That's spectacular.

MaryCraven Poteat on April 11, 2013

Karen and jack.....wow! Sure does look good and I am really proud of you both for taking this step to your dream....have been praying for your new venture and hope it will continue to be great! Keep posting as we follow your building journey. Bless you..MaryCraven and Dennis Poteat Sent from my iPad

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