Spring at Smith Mountain Lake

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Bedfordlandings

On the Bedford Landings Website, we explain that when you travel to stay with us, you might consider planes, boats, and cars as transportation to and from our Bed and Breakfast. This week, we had guests that included each mode of transportation. One came by plane (and it was a beautiful “Symphony). One came towing a boat (a BIG boat) and one came by car. It is amazing the reasons that people come to the lake- some to check the lake out as a potential retirement location. Some return after visiting to house shop, others to visit family, and some just “escape” to let us pamper them! And we like that!

Visitors at Bedford Landings by plane and boat.

Visitors at Bedford Landings by plane and boat.


We are enjoying spring at Smith Mountain Lake…sneezing, yellow pollen and all! We are watching the plant shoots pushing through the soil and mixing up the anti-deer spray in preparation for the beautiful hostas to fully leaf out. They are like candy to deer! And we are spring-cleaning! We still have left over wood and plumbing supplies from building the house. I listed the plumbing fitting on Craigslist but would be willing to donate to a good cause!

What does spring at Smith Mountain Lake bring? De-winterizing boats! Yesterday we took our first outing by boat…mainly we sat in a sunny spot and cleaned it up from it sitting during the winter (including using ammonia and water sprayed on a few moldy spots on the upholstery) and blowing out all of the leaves. We bought the boat used and have done some repair work into getting it to run well. But we can’t figure out how to get the boat cover on. It requires taking down the bimini cover and apparently that is too complicated for us! So we are still learning how to navigate the boating life!  I know, it’s tough but here at the lake, we feel it is our responsibility!

Boating on the lake

Cruising the lake

Spring at Smith Mountain Lake blends quickly into summer. This summer we are busy…looking forward to more rides over the lake with Bedford Landings Air Tours.  And we are active helping plan many of the activities celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake.

This weekend (April 23-24) is the Photography show and contest sponsored by the Smith Mountain Arts Council and being held at Bethlehem United Methodist Church. Karen has entered 8 framed photos (just for fun!). It is a drop-in exhibit Saturday (10-4) and Sunday (noon-3).

We are hosting a Wings and Wheels Fly-in at the airport on May 14 from 11-3. Antique cars, antique planes, remote controlled planes, quilts, food and music. FREE! Come join the festivities! The airfield will be closed 11-2.

Fly-in poster for Wings & Wheels event

Jack and I are singing in the Lakeside Singers’ Concert June 3 (7 pm) and June 4 (4 pm). At Trinity Ecumenical Church. Tickets are $12 in advance through Paypal or at General Store, Print-n-paper, SML Florist and The Chamber Visitor’s Center. All the music is “water” music to honor the anniversary of the lake. Fun, fun!

Poster for Lakeside Singers 2016

So get in gear and make some plans to enjoy spring at Smith Mountain Lake and look ahead to the summer events too! So many fun things to do!


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Sheridan on April 19, 2016

Fun blog. Waiting for the parachute drop ins next!

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