Shivers & Shakes

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

This week was SUPPOSED to be the week that we start making our house look real by raising the timbers. However, the timbers didn’t come. Blue Ridge TimberWrights discovered some defects in the timbers called “Shakes.” There is a photo here that shows these defects.  We know we want strong timbers, not ones with defects.  According to this website (linked above), “shake” is the separation of the rings in a piece of wood that occurs as it dries. The wood can also ‘peel’ off around the rings, similar to the layers of an onion. The Timberwright crew could not see the shake until they started working the wood.

The crew is now saying they will be here Monday the 4th to start.  That’s OK,  it will be just in time for mine and Jack’s birthday (March 7 and 8th respectively).  All we want for our birthday is to see some sign that the timbers are taking shape!

This year, Jack will be 60, so he got an early birthday gift!  He has been grunting and complaining about his aches and pains while building.  We knew we would get a hot tub anyway for the house once complete, so we found a pretty good deal with Water By Design in Christiansburg, VA. We put it on the hangar porch and they will come back and move it once we have our house deck on. It only sits 4 people but one at a time, you are each invited to sit with us!  Here is happy Jack with his early birthday present!

Warming up for our first soaking!

Warming up for our first soaking!

The weather has been cold, cold, cold, so we have mostly stayed inside the warm (radiant heated) hangar.  I completed another stained glass that will be used in the front entry hallway of our house. They are poppies and a little more orange that this photo conveys. The next design is for my brother’s new house (in Floyd, Virginia).  As a retired Fire Chief, what does he want?  The maltese cross, of course! I am just cutting the class now.

For the front hallway

For the front hallway

I know we keep promising timber photos, but hopefully soon…soon!

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