She has Arrived!

Posted on July 26, 2022 by Bedfordlandings
Curacao cruise

She has arrived! Well let me tell you what I mean.

Jack and I like cruises and when we first happened upon their art auctions, we had such fun!  Drawing you in with champagne, we started learning about their artists.  Park West Galleries, who holds these fun art auctions on cruise lines (Carnival and Holland American in particular) are a gallery that features artists from Thomas Kinkade to Michael Chevall to Peter Max.  We have gotten caught up in their presentations in learning about their artists. If a painting really speaks to us both, we bargain for it and use any coupons they have dropped by our room.  We certainly wait until the last minutes to be sure we can get the best deal!

About 18 years ago, we purchased out first piece of art by Emile Bellet.  I have blogged about our fun art collection in the past. 

Over 16 years ago, Jack and I were on a cruise for our honeymoon and spotted a lovely piece of artwork that we could not afford.  Jack, in particular was quite smitten with the woman at the piano.  The piece is entitled Diminueo by Tomasz Rut and she is stunning.  Each time we check with the Gallery manager and describe her, they have not been able to locate one for us. Not that we could afford it now, but we kept checking.

The last cruise we took in March 2022, the art auction expert was able to locate a Diminueo (woman at the piano) Giclee on canvas.  Rut signed it on the lower corner. Park West does a fantastic job of framing to set off the work. We have been tracking the Fed-Ex delivery and today she arrived!

Artwork in box
First reveal
Artwork by Rut  hung
Didn’t take long to hang it in the chosen location
artwork location
She can be seen from both floors

We hung her and our eyes are now drawn to this piece that we have been looking forward to owning for over 16 years! Yes we bargained and we got a pretty good deal. Merry Christmas and Happy birthday to us!


Wilda on July 26, 2022

Glad you found her! She belongs just where you put her! Neat story! Wilda

Craig S on July 28, 2022

She couldn’t have a better home or better hosts! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing her at our next visit.

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