Ringing in 2014

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Bedfordlandings

With a Full House on New Year’s Eve, we entered the New Year with much love and laughter!  It was amazing and we so enjoyed the time.  One of the couples flew in so we were able to test our inn keeping and tie down strategies all at once! Everyone got along; some worked jigsaw puzzles, some watched a football game in the theatre room, some went to dinner, and others shared munchies and wine by the fire.  We could not have asked for a more cordial group than we had for New Year’s 2013! Jack even got his bagpipe out to blast in the New Year! On New Year’s Day after the guests departed, friends who helped us build the hangar flew in.  Vicki and Jon came to check out Bedford Landings so they might share back with their neighbors in their fly-in community near Chapel Hill, NC.  So, we cleaned and flipped the rooms in a few hours to put on our best face! So what can guests expect at Bedford Landings? Tested recipes.  We are testing recipes for taste and presentation.  We try to test them prior to you coming but sometimes you get to help judge! Just look at this jelly belly roll that I made today!  I couldn’t resist the sequence!  Each time we are expecting guests, I put out a sideboard of some homemade snack bread, cookies of treats. JellyRoll.pptx Last week, Jack made sweet potato biscuits. But today he is toying with Baked Crème Brulee oatmeal. We think it’s a winner! CremeBruleeOatmeal A home theatre room.  Jack finished wiring today and the sound proofed walls work pretty well in that I could hear (but wasn’t blown away) by the max volume Top Gun when I was in the kitchen.  (Photo).  The room is a work in progress as far as décor, but the movies play! TheatreRoomIf it is chilly outside, then we try to have a fire going inside! Fireplace_GreatRmAnd if fire is not part of Shakti, how about water?  The guest hot tub is ready and warm!  It’s awesome!


Of these amenities, what would be your favorite? The fireplace?  The hot tub, tasting recipes or watching movies in the theatre room?



Mary Miller on January 6, 2014

Karen and Jack, you are off to a fabulous beginning. Congratulations, this is going to be a great and tasty adventure.

Sheridan on January 6, 2014

Make everything irresistible and make them come back again....firecracker start to New Year's!

Jack Hutslar on January 6, 2014

Looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing it . . . jack

Marion Wetcher on January 6, 2014

So happy things are going so well for you two! Anyone who stays with you will want to return! You'll make them feel like family!!!! Enjoy!

Mark Schaefermeyer on January 6, 2014

Ok, we need to come back just to try the Creme Brulee Oatmeal! So glad Lynne and I could help you ring in the New Year...we had a wonderful visit!

Marycraven on January 7, 2014

Karen and jack, wonderful beginning....glad all went well and happy new year in 2014! Everything looks great and yummy and relaxing....just as I imagined. Best wishes,mcp

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