Plumb Pudding!

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

We passed the plumbing inspection!  Yeah!  Small celebration!

This weekend, we have 13 friends descending on Bedford Landings to help put the decking floor around the exterior of the house.  The siding is nearly complete and the siding crew will be installing gutters next week.  This has been a busy week so photos to follow later!

By the way, we are hopeful that we can open for business sometime in December.  Not until I see the drywall go in can we schedule everything else so stay tuned!


Marion Wetcher on September 13, 2013

Hi! WOW! 13 people coming. I know of a GREAT Bed and Breakfast that they could stay at while they're here!!! Oh no.....wait....that's right...It's not opened yet! On crap!

Marion Wetcher on September 13, 2013

That should have been.... Oh Crap! Proof read Marion.....proof read!!!!!

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