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Posted on July 6, 2022 by Bedfordlandings

Bedford Landings does not allow pets to visit along with their owners.  We are happy to refer people to pet boarding at Little Ponderosa. We have even offered that the pet can stay crated and on the hangar porch or inside the hangar (in a crate).  Why don’t we allow pets?

When we were researching building and operating a B &B, we did our own research with our little dog Kramer.  There was an inn that hosted us with our dog in their “pet friendly” room.  As soon as housebroken Kramer sniffed where other dogs had trod, he also marked the territory.  Also we know that many humans sleep with their loving pets.  Well, it’s not really fair to put the next person in that bed after a dog has slept there.  Allergies, etc. come into play.  So we made the tough decision, no pets.  That being said, we do understand how therapeutic a pet can be.  They indeed provide a level of understanding and emotional support beyond belief.  There is an abundance of research literature driving home this point. 

Kramer through the years
Beloved Kramer

One study examined pet and adult interactions. There are recorded changes in blood pressure and heart rate before and after a pet therapy visits in an adult community when compared with (human) volunteer-only visits. Relationships among stress, pet attitude, social support, and health status were also examined. Study findings supported that pet therapy significantly decreased blood pressure and heart rate (Krause-Parello & Lolassa, 2016). 

Bella the Beauty

When Kramer passed on, we got Bella.  When Bella passed on, we got DooLittle and I must say that their loving presence beside me or on my lap are truly fulfilling.  We laugh as they play and the chemical reactions to our bodies is healthy! Of course holding a sleeping infant does the same to me.  Jack, not so much!  He loves just hearing a radial (airplane) engine. 

Mighty Doolittle
Mighty DooLittle

In 2020, we experienced the death of three close family members and then Bella.  Jack boo hooed greatly over Bella as we set her in the ground next to Kramer. But DooLittle has won our hearts and also of those who visit.   You can’t bring your own pets but you can interact with ours!  We see how helpful it is as many want to take Doo with them as they leave.  

Just this morning, we had a guest leave because their dog back home (about 7 hours away) was having seizures and they needed to leave.  Lois and Leon inspired me to give some thought to this pet effect.  As she kissed Doo goodbye this morning, I said a little prayer hoping that their dog back home would be miraculously better when they arrived home because indeed, they need us too!

Share your pet stories and pictures with us!

Cheryl A. Krause-Parello & John Kolassa (2016) Pet Therapy: Enhancing Social and Cardiovascular Wellness in Community Dwelling Older Adults, Journal of Community Health Nursing, 33:1, 1-10, DOI: 10.1080/07370016.2016.1120587

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