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Posted on July 18, 2020 by Bedfordlandings

Generally I try to post light hearted material to market our business in this blog.  Today it is a little different, so if you prefer not to read something more on the personal side, you may want to skip to a different blog.

Twenty nine days ago, my daughter died.  Whitney Lynn DeBord-Wilkinson was 35 years old, a veterinary technician, wife, and mother of two beautiful children.

As a business owner, we have not shared this with our guests who visit the Bed & Breakfast, primarily so we don’t burden them while they are on their vacation and we do not want to seek sympathy from them. We are not really discussing this with new friends yet. We realize it takes courage to express to someone who has lost a dear one that you are “sorry” and people want to find words that can be comforting.  The difficulty in “accepting” the words of comfort is that nothing will change the reality of the loss.  Up until now, it has been too hard to discuss. We are just taking one step at a time. And we are trying to breathe. Thank-you for understanding that we are not “hiding” this but in time, we can come up with new answers to new questions like” “Do you all have children?” *
For now, having this B & B is a blessing and a distraction.

Christmas 2019

Gabe and big Sis.

We want to thank those who have wanted to reach out, but instead, gave us time to process and make some tough decisions regarding our beautiful granddaughter Destiny and growing super grandson Gabe.  Quentin is a great dad and has kept Gabe in a routine.  For now, Destiny is still with us, as she is every summer. We have been distracting ourselves with activities such as taking local field trips, learning to water ski, Destiny taking guitar lessons, a visit from Baby Gabe, visiting Uncle Mike and his wonder dog Ax,

Sea Quest in Lynchburg

Destiny’s first time on water skis.

and a trip to see Jack’s 96-year-old mother in Tennessee on her birthday.

We have received gifts of live plants and nearly 150 caring cards of sympathy, each with a comforting message.

Our beautiful niece. who was very close to Whitney, has established a fund that will be seed money to a trust fund for the children, and the animal hospital where she worked has started a memorial fund called “Whitney’s fund” to care for indigent animals.

One beautiful grandmother, Jack’s mama.

Caring cards we have received

*So back to that question, do you have children? Why, yes we do.  We have my son, Shawn, who he has two beautiful children; we have Jack’s daughter Jennifer who has two beautiful children. We have our son-in-law, Quentin who has super boy, Gabe but also Adrian.  We have Scott, my step son who has two grown children. Then I always include my loving niece Katie and my caring nephew Garrett, who has 4 daughters.  There is my sister’s vibrant son, Tony plus more extended family who are all supporting us and Destiny, Whitney’s only daughter.

We feel your prayers and we feel God’s grace placed in our lives even before we knew we would need it.  We are moving forward one step at a time.







Felecia on July 20, 2020

Count me among the many who care about you and keep you in our prayers. There is no harder experience than to survive a child. Your faith and networks are strong. May they be the blessings you need as you need them. Loving prayers for each of you. --Felecia Grace

Pam on July 20, 2020

Karen, you know that the Florida Browns are grieving with you and are here for you when you need us. I can't imagine your pain, and will continue to pray for you and the family. Love you 💜🙏💜

Bedfordlandings on July 20, 2020

I know and hope to reach out soon!

Jane Boney on July 20, 2020

I really am speechless as to the sadness your family has been feeling.. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am a big admirer to you and Jack for you have created together and the love you have for your blended family.. God bless you and continue to heal your pain. Destiny and Gabe are so blessed to have you in their lives. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Bedfordlandings on July 20, 2020

Thank-you Jane. We are working very hard at this healing process!

Vips on July 21, 2020

Karen, I am so very sorry to hear about Whitney and I can't imagine what you, Destiny and Jack are going through. My heart is broken for you all. I have thought of you all often and wish there was something I could do to ease the pain of your loss. I will pray for comfort and strength. Please call anytime or come visit if you want to have a little getaway! Love you all ❤️

Susan on July 23, 2020

I’m so sorry I can’t be of much support right now. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. You are so strong and I know Destiny is grateful for a loving place to land. Much comfort to you all. I pray for you every day.

Bedfordlandings on July 23, 2020

And you are in my thoughts and prayers too! xoxox

Kim Stevens on July 28, 2020

Karen, even though I've not had the opportunity to meet you and Jack, I was made aware of your loss through friends in the aviation world. I felt moved to let you know that there is someone else out there thinking of you today and praying that you will feel a special encouragement and strength.

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