Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Posted on May 17, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

When we arrived back in New Hill, the grass was about a foot tall and it has been raining so much, finding a way to get outside to mow has been a challenge.  Tuesday, I finally found a window of time to mow.  Some parts were so wet, the grass just folded down and the next day was standing back up so I had to do another swipe and touch up many spots on Wednesday.

All day long, Jack was hammering and tapping in the basement.  I knew what he was doing.  He was building a structure around the RV-10 wings that he has already built.  He wants them protected once in storage. I was busy packing books; his Hardy Boy series, his American Heritage resource books and all of his Lord of the RIngs, Harry Potter, and Flashman novels.  Still I hear him hammering and tapping.  By the time American Idol was nearly over (9:30 or so), he came upstairs proudly announcing he was through with one of the 5 crates he needs to build.  The thing is gi-normous!

The tail cone in the background is next.  Can you imagine?  Five of these must be moved out of the basement and into storage.  Hopefully there will still be room for the lamps, beds, couches and books!



Barry Sherrill on May 17, 2012

Sounds like it might take nearly as long to crate the parts as it took to originally build them.

bedfordlandings on May 17, 2012

He did that one in a day! That is after he bought the wood and it all fell off the truck into the traffic while he scampered to pick it all up. Poor guy!

bedfordlandings on May 18, 2012

He has created a monster. The crate weighs so much we can't even push it and it's on wheels! He will take off the plywood (about 350 #) and we can put it back on once it is in storage!

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