Math & Glue

Posted on January 13, 2013 by Bedfordlandings

How much glue does it take to lay a floor on a 2700 square foot surface?  A whole barrel full! The guys just throw the tubes anywhere so I am left to clean up the debris.



Here is a full barrel of empty glue tubes used to secure the tongue and groove flooring for the the first floor!


And speaking of debris, I noticed in this pile of debris, how math is used to build a house. There are a lot of fractions!

The photo below is another debris pile.  (Aren’t you impressed by me blogging about our trash pile?)

ImageAnd in this photo, I want you to notice is the small piece of wood with the ‘ciphering on it.

ImageWe are done with floor deck one, awaiting the timbers to be milled. and Jack will start framing the basement this week.  

Here is an aerial shot from the Pietenpol.  With such lovely weather, he couldn’t resist flying!

ImageThis week, we are braced for the change in weather but the last two days have been glorious!!




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