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Posted on June 16, 2014 by Bedfordlandings

Hosting a wedding party at Bedford Landings has been interesting.  The bride and groom family included three children from 5-12 years old.  We had promised that we would have the loft in the Flying Room completed in time for the children to stay with them the night before the wedding.  With the help of trusty friends, Bill and Carolyn, we got the loft done on time.  I love it and it makes the Flying Room have so much more character.  We hung the DeHavilland Beaver on floats from the ceiling.


The wedding took place on the Virginia Dare Cruise Ship which is just a mile down the road. but the wedding party and most of their friends and children got dressed at Bedford Landings.  I couldn’t keep count of the children and adults in the house but Bedford Landings made for a lovely setting for wedding photos!


Stepping it up
When we left for three days to take a short jaunt to Savannah, GA , we applied linseed oil to condition the steps and dry well while we were away. These walnut steps are a focal point in the entrance hallway and this treatment really brought out the wood grains in both the white pine stringers and the walnut treads.

Black walnut steps

Test Kitchen
While in Savannah, we gathered a few ideas that may just work with our breakfast menus.  What do you think of Scotch eggs as a side dish or a fresh peach tart with home made whipped cream?  We haven’t served the eggs yet, but my first effort with them turned out well.  Packing the sausage around the egg, then breading it makes for a nice side dish.  A good video was helpful to determining how to get the sausage to stick!


The peach tart is tasty, especially with a little sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg mixed with the peaches. I want to see if I can find a little larger tart. We may have to experiment with making our own tarts.


Honey Harvest
It is time for the honey harvest but it has been so B & B busy that the bees just keep packing away the honey and we haven’t had a chance to suit up to steal it.  Once we do take the honey, we will have more to sell and serve.  Right now, we have only about ½ cup of honey left from last year’s harvest.

Book your room!
We are full for most weekends in June and July and I hate to turn people down.  Luckily we can refer folks to others in the Bedford Area B & B association and sometimes even having guests stay in the trailer that is still FOR SALE comes to mind.  So if you are thinking of making a reservation, check out the calendar now and reserve.  ENJOY THE SUMMER!




Sheridan on June 16, 2014

Those Bedford Landings people make any occasion memorable with all their extra added touches!

Carolyn on June 16, 2014

I thought the steps looked different last week, but you weren't there to ask and Jack was busy with Bill. If I didn't live just across the lake I would be booking a room regularly! As it is, I am sometimes tempted to, just to be treated so well by hosts Karen and Jack!

Marion Wetcher on June 16, 2014

Everything is just beautiful at my favorite B & B !!!! AND....I just happen to love the owners too! :)

Mike on June 16, 2014

Your help with the wedding party before and after was nothing short of fantastic. On behalf of my entire family I want to thank you and Jack for everything. It was our pleasure to meet you both and your B&B will be on our list for future travels. Thanks again. Mike & Bev D'Angiolillo

Bev D’Angiolillo on June 17, 2014

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our stay in your lovely B&B. The building itself is exquisite in every way, the food was absolutely delicious, but you, Jack & Karen were the best of all! We enjoyed talking to you and appreciated your extra help with all the wedding preparations & taking into stride all the extra people there especially the kids. Thank you so much for everything!

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