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Posted on July 31, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

Last week’s rain gave way to sun as we hoped and prayed for a few dry days to complete the footers for inspection.  This is  the mucky mess last Saturday morning (just 4 days ago).  But we pumped the water out and began working.



While Jack and hearty neighbor, Steve, started framing the footers, I went to Raleigh to pick up our seven-year old grand daughter Destiny to come spend a week with us. She has been a great help.  At seven, kids want to be helpful and she loves to hang with us!



She learned new construction terms like rebar, chairs, stakes, and support.  She learned to stay away from power saws and pneumatic nailers. OH!! My aching back from wiring the rebar to the chairs!Image

This photo shows today’s completed work — AND WE PASSED our first INSPECTION!!


These frames show where the concrete support footers will be poured (hopefully tomorrow).

In the meantime, we have both gotten our Virginia Driver’s Licenses and new Virginia plates.  While getting inspections done, we EACH ended up getting $450 worth of repairs on our vehicles.  The auto shop has a deal that they reject you, then they tell you how much it will cost to fix said rejected items, then they pass you, and take your money!

Check out our personalized tags.  Jack’s is the Pietenpol “N” number and mine is a bit of pre-marketing.

ImageIf there is a lull, we gotta harvest some honey. We have the labels but now we gotta rob the bees!



Sheridan Brown on August 1, 2012

Love the new car plates. Put us down for a jar of honey please!

Karl-Heinz on August 3, 2012

Hi Jack and Karen, good to see the progress of your project. All the best for the comming steps. BR K-H

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