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Posted on September 13, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

This has been an active weather month!  Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma threatened friends and family.  High winds, rushing water, and unpredictable weather  knocked at the doors of many who didn’t need that upheaval in their lives.  hurricane-irma-satellite-noaa-ht-jc-170905_12x5_992Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousands recovering and who, in the future will have that heart palpitations each time it rains and storms are forecast.  Having lived through the floods of the Midwest in the early 90’s and North Carolina hurricanes (complete with trees through my roof), I realize that weather-related PTSD is no laughing matter.  Those revisiting feelings are real.  Belongings can be replaced, but in that process, there is a great deal of emotional stress.  I used to write about disaster-related stress in my professional working days.  If you are part of a support system for recovering families, help them think through their next steps and realize that the emotions can override their otherwise rational thinking processes.

CleomeIt’s a New Season

Many of us north of the flooded areas are welcoming the rain, having just seeded our lawns.  It will be time to trim and rake before long.  My Cleome plant (some call it a Spider flower) was beautiful and is in the process of going to seed.  As well, I finally had “Agnes’ little yellow flowers” identified.

Copeopsis with bumblebee.

Copeopsis with bumblebee.

My friend, Agnes helped me plant much of the gardens at Bedford Landings the year after we opened. The Coreopsis we have is some (unknown) variety but the pollinators love them while we still just call them “Agnes’ little yellow flowers!” I love the August and September pop of color the provide, for they will be gone soon!

In front of Bedford Landings in September.

In front of Bedford Landings in September.

Welcome a New Artist

For the next two months, we will enjoy the art of Linda Murray Atkinson.  A member of the Art Visions Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, Linda’s lovely work now adorns our walls.  I am really curious about the work she has done on yupo.  “Yupo is a synthetic surface that can be unpredictable and exciting,” according the Linda. She says that she loves experimenting with all medium and techniques.  She is a member of the League of Roanoke Artists and lives in Stewartsville, VA with her husband and dogs.  She is retired from Appalachian Power and says that “just seeing beautiful art fills my soul in a way that I cannot put into words.” Come by and check out her work.

Luminous acrylic layering color and texture on yupo.

Luminous acrylic layering color and texture on yupo.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Although we don’t allow pets at Bedford Landings B & B, we do have a resident pet.  Once Bella warms up to guests, she is a great cuddler but Bella is mainly all about her ball.  This is a familiar sight as the door opens!Bella_Ball_DoorThe Chickens are Producing!

I know many of the readers of this blog were concerned that Jack would end up Bar-B-Q-ing the chickens.  But now they are producing 4-5 eggs a day so it’s all good!

There is grace in this world.  There is beauty, there is hope, and there is recovery. And it’s all good!

Each morning when I open the coop, I get a chicken parade! Cupcake (in front smiling!) is the friendliest and is generally first out!

Each morning when I open the coop, I get a chicken parade! Cupcake (in front smiling!) is the friendliest and is generally first out! What better way to brighten your day than a smiling chicken!?

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Sheridan on September 13, 2017

Life is good at Bedford Landings. What a happy place to be!!!

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