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Posted on March 30, 2023 by Bedfordlandings

“Quirkness” is a quality of being slightly peculiar or unconventional.   It is similar to eccentric. Have you felt as if you have met quirky people?  Have you observed quirky art or quirky décor?

While traveling for 6 weeks this past winter, we took two cruises plus traveled by land in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.  We observed food and housekeeping practices on the ships but also we tried to stay in as many bed and breakfasts as possible so that we could observe them to improve our own practices. 

While on the cruise ship all day (called a Day at Sea), we generally get sucked into the art auctions.  And very often and very mindlessly, our bid card flew into the air and before we knew it, we own a new piece of art.  We have recently been looking at a sort of quirky artist.  His paintings are certainly pieces for discussion and wondering!  Here are two examples of Michael Cheval’s works and his website. What is your interpretation?

In New Zealand, we stayed at an Inn called Lake Tekapo Lodge. First of all, when we arrived, we broke a rule about knocking.  As B & B owners who live on our property, we prefer guests knock instead of walking right in.  Well, we walked right into the front door.  We didn’t notice the “Welcome Karen and Jack. Ring the Bell” sign, nor the big finger pointing the bell! We wandered around until the innkeeper’s dog barked alerting her we were there.

Front door
Please ring the bell!
Stephanie at Lake Tekapo Losge

Innkeeper, Stephanie, had some really cool, interesting, quirky décor!  I asked her which was her favorite piece in the house and she signified this one because of the energy and movement.

But I also loved this hanging dress- origami-type of art created from a road map and the curious collection of images below this.

And this fine trio of interesting characters.

Fine looking trio!

This was among my favorite!

Speak to the Hand!

Her property was overlooking beautiful Lake Tekapo. This little man gets to peer out the window at the view all day long!

What a view!

On the way to this Inn, we went through a curious little spot called Burkes Pass. Not much there but this:

Creative looking gas station
Burkes Pass, NZ

And this…

Picker's paradise
Picker’s Paradise

And here’s an idea for those jeans that the kids outgrow!

planter in little jeans

After leaving the Hawaiian cruise, we spent one night in Honolulu to see Pearl Harbour before heading home. We stayed at the (historic) Manoa Valley Inn. Our flight didn’t leave the next day until midnight so we vacated our lodging room so they could clean it but then stayed in their sunroom as long as we felt appropriate. We called an Uber about noon then we we hung out in the airport for 12 hours!! It was a nice sunroom.

Cheery sunroom

Then there were a few items of interest at the Manoa Valley Inn like this collection of frogs!


The frogs were sitting right across from this very ornate (period?) piece.

It’s a lamp

And that was sitting right next to this sort of scary dog!

Dog statue
Guard Dawg

But they indeed had a nice fish tank!

Fish sucked right to the tank!

We learned soooo much on this trip and saw such amazing places! Maybe in the next blog you will get a wildlife tour!

But let me leave you scratching your head about this one! We found these cheerios in the grocery store in Hawaii. Think that’s quirky? We didn’t purchase them!

Hotdogs labeled cheerios

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