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Posted on December 21, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

I just had to do another blog post for today to tell you what a flurry it has been this week.  Last Wednesday, we joined the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce.  By Friday, we got a call from WSLS-TV Channel 10 locally.  They wanted to come do a story about the B & B.  How exciting and good marketing for us!  They made an appointment to come Monday at 10:00.  It was my second week on the new job with Virginia Tech as a Human Development Specialist, so I fit this into my work day.  But I knew that I had an appointment in Roanoke for a luncheon with Smart Beginnings at noon (it is a 45 minute drive).

The interview went well and resulted in a nice story in which we were included in a growing local economy segment.  Here is the clip.

As the reporters were editing us into the B & B story as Jack & Karen Phillips, then Karen DeBord was busy working the Child and Human Development network.  The communications office for Extension called and another reporter from Channel 10 wanted to quote me in a related child stress segment related to the horrible Newtown shootings.  I knew that I could not wear what I had on in the B & B segment so after the luncheon, I ran to Belk’s and bought another “look.”  I showed up at the station in downtown Roanoke and saw the morning reporters, who I greeted. This is the resulting segment . I clearly told them I was not a Psychology Professor, but oh well!  Note the pretty new red dress!

Today is 12-21-12 and I am still blogging.  I am alive and well and hope  that as you read this,  the Earth is still spinning and you are warm, snug and thankful for another day ringing in the Christmas season!  Live on!

Pray for the families in Newtown and love your families this season!  Peace, Joy and CHRISTmas love!

Karen & Jack

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