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Posted on May 18, 2021 by Bedfordlandings

People often ask what there is to do at Smith Mountain Lake.  The lake has an array of activities from horseback riding to fishing, visiting wineries, picnicking and walking trails.  We have wonderful restaurants, many located lakeside.  There are cute gift shops, mini golf, and 18-hole golf courses. One favorite activity is boating.   Horse and three people

What you need to know about this lake when boating

If you are planning to rent a boat, our advice is to reserve it BEFORE you get here. Pontoons are a favorite for families and many young adults like to dash about on a jet ski.  But we have seen people disappointed who try to reserve them the day of arrival and no boats are available.  There are several marinas (Bridgewater, Parrot Cove, Bernards, Parkway, Captains Quarters, Mitchells–and there are others!)jetski

You can apply for and get the Virginia Boating license online.  There are about 15-16 modules and a quiz after each one.  But then you are all set to be the captain of your craft. If you do not have a boating license, the rental establishment will give you a 15–30-minute crash course.   You will need to complete it along with everyone else renting that day and it may cut into your boating time but it is required!  You can take coolers aboard the boats along with towels, floats, noodles and sunscreen.
You are allowed to pull someone on the tube behind the boat but you must have a spotter keeping an eye on the tuber! You will make a large wake so be sure to stay at least 50 feet (200 feet is even better) clear of any docks and other boats!

Flying out of the SseaplaneML Airport, there is an airplane on floats that occasionally lands on the lake. DO NOT APPROACH the seaplane.  The pilot sits up very high and they may not be able to see you on a jet ski or pontoon even.  Particularly during takeoff, a seaplane has very poor visibility.  Stay well clear of a seaplane even though you may be curious.  You can schedule a discovery flight through SML Aviation if you want to explore that sport further!


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