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Posted on January 21, 2019 by Bedfordlandings

I am growing to love photography and our bird feeder right out the living room window gives me some pretty remarkable sights for taking photos, especially on these a cold days!  All I have to do is feed the birds and they entertain me by visiting.  It seems that I always seem to get the same birds!  I learned today (in Moneta Garden Club) that the birds I feed are seed-eaters and the ones I am missing are worm eaters or bug eaters, probably foraging in the trees.

I realize that I have spent a great deal of my life learning about things other than wildlife, but I just didn’t realize that there are over 10,000 species of birds and that we only have about 973 of them in the  United States.

I loved observing the ravens when we visited Yellowstone a few years ago.

and I even liked the cute budgies at the natural habitats at Natural Bridge zoo,

but also I have gotten to know the birds right out my window!

One of about 5 families hatching in my porch ferns last Spring.

Birds in the Fall crowding the feeder

It’s funny when the crows stand back and watch. The small birds will chase them off in a heartbeat even thought they are larger!

Cardinals give a nice pop of red!

More warbler crowding

The hanging tufted!

The seeds in my summer red hot pokers must be tasty!


Another common warbler

Woodpecker with a seed in its mouth.

I realize that these wild birds are quite different from my domestic chickens, but they are birds still!

Blue eggs from our girls

The Girls

(An aside) I am proud to report that our chickens are laying this winter.  Upon the advice of friends with chickens and chicken books, I extended their day light by about 4 hours with a lamp on a timer in their hen house!

But wrapping up my little flighty blog on birds, here are your fun facts about birds…

Go watch the birds!





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Sheridan on January 22, 2019

Can yiu recommend a bird feeder that is squirrel resistant?

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