February Checklist Complete – Well into March

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Bedfordlandings

During slower winter months, we, at Bedford Landings do our upgrades and maintenance.  Here is the short checklist we have just completed!

Complete the dumbwaiter and make it work.
Our first February checklist item was to install the dumbwaiter. We had been saving for this item since we built the house. We ordered our dumbwaiter in January and hoped to work on it the month of January and February. It did not arrive until mid -February but working diligently, Jack as fussed and cussed it into working! It will stop on all three levels; the garage for groceries, the kitchen to unload groceries and send down trash, and the upper level to send up clean sheets and towels the send down dirties.

Wrestling with the second floor unit and installing the door.

Wrestling with the second floor unit and installing the door.


Showing the kitchen level who is boss! #1 installer- Jack!

Just a sampling of the tools strewn about the house!

Host a Murder Mystery for 36 participants
All February, I have been planning the Murder Mystery and now…Phew! Check! It’s over! It’s a lot of work to host a murder mystery but everyone’s enjoyment overrides the work that goes into it. Everyone was so busy trying to solve the mystery and really staying in character!

It was the first time I had done “Live feed.” You can see how busy everyone is in this feed.  Also more photos in our Facebook page.

Attend the state inn keeping conference

Each year, we try to attend a professional conference. This year, only I was able to attend.  The state B & B Association conference was in Richmond, Virginia. Having registered for only a one-day stay, I think I gathered a lot of valuable ideas. One, which I will expound on another time – YOLO. Do you know what it means?

Learn all of the capitals of the countries of Africa
Well, not really on my bucket list, but helping our grand daughter, we learned together all 57 capitals! They may change by next week but we got them down this week!

Stay tuned for the next blog…YOLO!

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Sheridan on March 13, 2017

Nothing dumb about the Bedford Landing team! Always learning and growing?

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