Eleanor Pigby and Petunia the Pig

Posted on January 5, 2023 by Bedfordlandings

Ah, look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from?  

Eleanor Pigby confided that she has never seen so many people come and go.  They come with suitcase in hand, timidly knocking at the door, then upon departure, they act like old friends giving hugs and exchanging contact information.  Where do they all come from? Some come by car, some by airplane!  Where do they all come from? Eleanor has sat in the same position on the front porch through all seasons.

Where do they Come from and Why?

Bedford Landings has hosted people from as far away as Canada, Curacao, France, Germany, and Hungary.  But, why?  What brings them to Bedford Landings?  Some are visiting family.  Some are just passing through and want an overnight off the beaten path. Some are on honeymoons or a get away from the rush of day-to-day life while others know that Smith Mountain Lake is a beautiful place to be any season of the year!  

Eleanor has seen them all.  She looks and listens but never judges.  She watches and learns.  She tries to look pleasant and welcoming but watchful; always watchful.  She sees planes land, motorcycles and, hears noises coming from the hangar.  Sometimes late at night, guests tiptoe up the steps and sometimes late at night she sees a raccoon sneaking around.  She’s seen it all!  

Look at her next time and hear her singing quietly to herself very softly, “Ah look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from?!”  Eleanor has been standing watch for nearly 10 years. She has a crack in her ear, mended with a visible streak of glue. Her ribbons fade and we replace them, yet she always appears lonely.  Spotting the perfect companion on Facebook, we ordered another porch pig.  It took well over 6 months for Petunia to arrive, but don’t they look so joyful in each other’s company as we enter the year 2023!

Two sone pigs

Come visit our Porch and our Pigs in 2023!  Don’t they both look happy now?

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