Dolly, Samantha and the One-eyed Doll

Posted on May 18, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

So I am packing like a wild woman.  I want to save the legos, blocks, puzzles and children’s books for grand children as well as any kids who may stop by Bedford Landings (I am a Child Development person you know!)  But I have to stop and ponder some of the tired raggedy items.  Jack has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want to sell or give away his childhood rocking horse.  So does that give me a bye on Whitney’s Dolly, Samantha an All American Girl, and my childhood doll that permanently winks?  Whitney used to cry when Dolly was out of her sight and now she wants nothing to do with her.  Samantha is probably a collector’s item but I don’t have the box!

My children used to be scared of the one-eyed doll and I can’t even remember what her name is. She has been relegated to the attic until Destiny came along (now 6) and changed her clothes a few times. When Whitney (my daughter) and Katie (my niece) were about 6 years old, Mom dressed them (there were two; one for my sister) and gave them to the girls as a gift.  The girls were terrified of them and couldn’t sleep at night with them in the same room!  I have drug that doll as I moved from Virginia to Missouri and to 5 homes in North Carolina.  I can’t imagine anyone being endeared to the poor thing but I just can’t part with her.  I would welcome a home for her.  Maybe there is a doll collector who could give her a hair transplant and laser surgery!  Suggestions welcomed!  Maybe that skin horse could carry her away to meet the Velveteen Rabbit!



Mary Ann on May 18, 2012

Karen see if there is a person nearby that takes dolls, fixes them up and sews a new wardrobe for them to be given away at a Christmas Store. The Salvation Army might be able to give you some direction. Just saying. Good Luck!

bedfordlandings on May 18, 2012

That's an idea!

Shelley T. on May 18, 2012

I say put some sunglasses on her and a Rosie the Riveter dew rag and keep her.

Virginia Hamlet Rodillas on May 18, 2012

When we come visit, the dolls will def scare Raven! :-) It's such a good idea to keep toys though. I have been many places with the girls and wished there were things to play with there!

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