Coming Home

Posted on May 22, 2012 by Bedfordlandings

In 1976, I was a senior and college and in starting my new life, I purchased a Norfolk Island Pine.  It was in a 4-inch pot and stood a stately 6 inches tall.  I have moved that little tree with me from state to state for 35 years.  As the house has been on the market the last three years, we have had to de-clutter and moving Miss Pine out of the house was a choice I had to make.  She has grown overtime was just massive in the front hallway and had to be indoors in the winter.  I tried to sell her to a good home on craigslist but had no takers. My good friend, Vicky (bless her soul) offered to “foster” her for a few years while the house was on the market.  Thank-you Vicky!  I am so grateful to have Miss Pine home now. She made the trip back on Sunday in the back of the truck, losing a few screaming fronds, but all in all weathering the ride.  I added the link above and noted that according to a horticulturalist these wonderful trees can grow to 200 feet.  Yikes!  It’s a good thing our great room in the new house will be 35 feet tall.  What then?ImageMeanwhile back in the basement of crates, Jack has completed 6 of 8 crates to store the RV-10.
They are masterful but I still worry about getting them loaded!  Stay tuned for that.

I have been packing inside.  I have even packed some things off the walls and windows (like my stained glass).  I don’t want to make it too stark in the house as the new owner is visiting next week (the 30th) to learn about the nuances of the house.


As I left my coffee cup on the table and Jack left his hot tub towel on the kitchen counter,  I had a feeling this morning that for the first time in 3 years, we are leaving stuff about.  I am not tediously picking up as much as before we had a contract.  When we leave to run errands, the house doesn’t have to be tidied for a potential house showing.  It’s like really living in a home!  It’s comfortable and I yearn for that time in our new home.  So just like Miss Pine, it’s about the comfort of coming home!

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