Cardboard Boat Regatta Update

Posted on August 1, 2016 by Bedfordlandings

The Skelton 4-H Educational Center was the host to the first annual (we hope not the only) cardboard boat regatta. After a month of Jack’s sweltering work days in the hangar designing, crafting, cutting, taping, gluing,  varnishing, and painting the boat, we added a name (“Miss Hap”), a marketing logo (, and a flag (Thank-you Chris Baker at Business Design Solutions).


Flag made rigid with (what else?!) cardboard, printed on t-shirt fabric.



There were 18 boats built for the regatta and all were on display Friday night.  We had to strap the boat to the truck and drive it to the other side of the lake.


Transporting Boat

Loading the boat to transport (45 minutes away) to the 4-H Center.


Displayed with a picnic basket and wine glasses, we were awarded “Best Presentation!”

Since Bedford Landings submitted the entry, we proudly displayed brochures and business cards along with the boat.Below is a series of photos with captions about the end results.


Jack and Bill prepping for the race.


Starting Line


Jack steering and our good friend Bill rowing like crazy!


Love that the fireboats were there shooting water in the background!


The “Miss Hap” team with Jack and Bill representing Bedford Landings B & B was awarded third place with a time of 1:43. The winning boat time was 1:39.


Many thanks for the support of much of our family and many other friends at the event!




Awards Regatta_Trophey

Taking awards for “Best Presentation” and Third place in class was a great start for the first regatta! Plus it was WAY FUN!


Sheridan on August 1, 2016

Such an accomplished couple! I got to taste that German Chocolate cake! Lucky brother who got to take the leftovers home!

The Other Jack on August 1, 2016

Congrats ... jack

Patsy on August 1, 2016

Sure looks like fun. And 3rd place is a winner to me. Congrats

Marion Wetcher on August 1, 2016

It was soooo much fun cheering for our great friends on Saturday! Miss Hap was the best looking boat on the water that day....just my unbiased opinion! Congratulations on a job well done Bedford Landings! (Jack)

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